My favorite guardian as a superhero~ contest by Ayesha and Maha

🌹This is my entry for a super trending contest about guardians by beautiful ladies Ayesha and Maha🌹

🌻I really appreciate every guardian from bottom of my heart they all have huge respect love them so much....

🤦‍♂️What is a superhero??

From childhood till now we have seen so many movies and cartoons in which we see some special characters which look more powerful than ordinary people they have special super powers .... we are inspired by them because they can do anything we get motivation from them and we call them superheroes...

🌻I have seen many stories of superheroes like avengers spiderman venom and much more i really enjoy these type of movies i have some favourite characters in these movies ..

💖From all these my favourite superhero is the Hulk ...

🍃When i heard about this special contest i thought i should write about hulk and the person which comes in my mind by listening hulk name is our respected senior Pakistani guardian Yasir Mehmood....

👉I choose to write about Yasir Mehmood as Hulk👈

🌻Hulk is very famous character i think many of you have known much about him he is the most 💪powerful💪 superhero from all ... when he become angry his color turns into green....

🍃Hulk's powers are the result of an experiment done by his father though he can not control his anger and he breaks everything when someone made him angry same way our guardian Yasir is i know he is a very gentleman and humble person but when he see someone doing wrong things on telegram or uptrennd he becomes so much angry and you can't bear his anger because our guardian is so much powerful...

👉💖👈Yasir is a senior  Pakistani guardian he is always busy in cleaning the spammers and scammers he works day and night for us for our uptrennd i really admire his hardwork and dedication apart from uptrennd he is a policeman and he works so much he performs his duty as police offer and as a guardian  ....

 i think Yasir and Hulk resemble alot if you will look at these pictures with concentration you'll agree with me for sure...

💝He is my favourite person because he is so much responsible for his duties💝....

💪Hulk/Yasir is the most strongest hero from all superheroes...

🌻When he is in angry mood he can destroy everyone so don't make him angry because his anger Is really bad... 

🌻Whenever he fights with someone he always wins no one can defeat him .....

🌻He is fire resistant even lava can not destroy this superhero and if i talk about Yasir sir no difficulties can destroy him because he is always ready to fight...

🌻He has unlimited strength every superhero has a standard limit of his powers but hulk don't have any limits also the more he gets angry the more powerful he become...

🌻Hulk has ability to see invisible ghosts and creatures and our guardian yasir can see the hidden spammers which are hidden somewhere on uptrennd..

🌻Like hulk has power of smashing enemies our Yasir sir also has same power he can smash anyone who harms our environment or any other person....

👉​so beware of this superhero 💪

🍃🌹🍃We are really blessed with all best guardians who work for us for our platform they need a huge tribute and salute for facing all troubles and for helping all of us any time💖....

👉If you want to be a part of this contest here's the link..


🌚images created by me with full permission of Yasir Mehmood🤗



Tayyab Hasnain
26 Dec

Sir Yasir is really a great person & I have interacted him personally. He does not compromise over quality on uptrennd. 

More power to the man !

Best of luck for this contest ..


NatiQ Abbas
26 Dec

Indeed @yasir bro is the best personality and favorite of all users. He is the man with pure heart and always behave politely 


Mr.Oxman Oxi
26 Dec

Sir @yasir is one of the cooperative guardian in this platform I love his work for uptrend 

Your choice is good for super hero in uptrend appreciatable your work mam fatima keep it up 


Muhammad Waqas
26 Dec

yes you are right


Wajiha Fawad
26 Dec

Wow you have made an amazing post on the given Topic.

I really liked the given Topic as well and i am going to participate soon. 

@yasir is indeed a best gaurdian and you have compared him well,  he is doing great for the platform and we all pakistanis are proud of him


Mahnoor Danish
26 Dec

Yaaayyyyy,  he is indeed a HULK ready to spread smiles and fight spam. 

Picture resemblance is so perfect Hehehe 

Very well done for this post 😍

@Yasir Sir must be happy seeing this.

Good luck with contest dear 







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