My entry to @hafsa contest artwork

I made all these sketches. But all these sketches I made a more than 2 years ago. At the time, one of my mam taught me how to make sketches. And everyone appreciated my sketch. One day i took my sketchbook to university. That day I lost my sketchbook. I don't know if anyone stole my sketchbook. Or I lost my sketchbook due to my negligence.

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When I came back to home from university and I opened my bag. So it didn't have my sketchbook. And it was a very painful moment for me. I waited for the next day.  I was wishing open the university and find my sketchbook. Everywhere I went in university where the day I lost my sketchbook.


  I went to university and I met a lot of people. But my sketchbook was nowhere to be found. I wrote a lost note of my sketchbook on the notice board. But no one contacted me. And I was very disappointed.


I came home and angrily started throwing away all my color pencils. That day I was very angry at my negligence. And I stopped making sketches. I don't even have a small pencil anymore.

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   Here are some pictures from my sketchbook. I sent these pictures to my cousin. 2 years ago today. There were more than 25 sketches in my sketchbook. Which I made with my own hands. But I had pictures of some of them.

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    I saw my sketch again today, two years later. When I saw the Hafsa post about sketch contest. So I missed my sketches a lot.

   But today I had the opportunity to show my sketch once again to someone.

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This one is the stech of my friend.

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This is my entry to @hafsa M contest. If anyone of you wants to participate then click here.



Kris JS
20 Jan

Wow this is probably the best artwork I have seen on Uptrennd, you definitely have a real talent. Thanks for sharing it with us. 


preview not available EngrSamest .
20 Jan

Amazing! I was moved by the story behind the sketchbook... So painful!

I feel you can pickup again and never kill that talent because you lost your sketchbook, let this contest reactive your interest again and continue in your skill, someone out there need it and it will make more ways for you!

Ciao 😘


Tahira Shahid
20 Jan

really very nice art work......u must carry on as you are doin wonderful work


preview not available Emaan Ali
20 Jan


Uptrennd is full of creativity and your art proved it😻

Best of Luck dear


Abid Ali
21 Jan

Amazing and near to perfection your art work.Best wishes for you in this contest.stay blessed and carry on.







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