Hello Everyone this is my entry to @Emaan ali contest. There are some questions whom we have to answer.

Q.1: What i Know About Uptrennd?

Uptrend is one such platform. Where we can earn and we have a lot to learn here.

Q.2: The thing which i liked most on Uptrennd?

 I really like some of the up-trend rules. I have often seen spammers on websites. But there is no place for spammers on the up trend. If the rules are not followed then the account is muted. One thing I love about the trend is that all the guardians here are great. Everyone is very cooperative. And if they are asked for help or information, they will help.

Q.3: The thing which i don't like On Uptrennd?

 I don't like on uptrend that Minimum withdraw is 3k 1up here. Which is very difficult to collect for a newbie.

Q.4:  I m finding which thing on Uptrennd?

 I am gaining a lot of knowledge on the uptrend. I'm not a good content writer. But I'm a new user here right now. I am learning a lot little by little.

Q.5: The best person to whom i met on Uptrennd?

I have written a post before that my favorite uptrenders are @Saqib and @Hamza. Because they gave me alot of guidance. And they are very hard workers.

Q.6: The changes which i want on Uptrennd?

I think there should be such a group on the uptrend. Where someone's problems can be solved. Because not everyone can use the telegram.

Q.7: The Best Uptrennd User according to me?

Speaking of best users: Aman Ali, Navi, Kamran, Saqib, Victoria, and Chris are very good trend users. And I wait for their posts.

Q.8: Which lesson i got through my mistakes on Uptrennd?

 I once wrote a post. But my post was called copyright. So I've learned that before posting, we should check it out once (on the Plagiarism Checker). Because sometimes our words which we use for post are already on the Internet but we are unaware of it.

Q.9 What i learned through this worldwide Platform?

This platform is for educated people only. So it shows how important education is for us to work on a good platform. 

Q.10: How Uptrennd Brought Positivity in my Life?

Ever since I joined the up trend, I have received a lot of information about corrupt currency.

If anyone want to participate in this contest here is the link.



Muhammad Iqbal
05 Jan



You have best writing skills and i pray may Allah give you more nd more.


Minahil Khan
05 Jan

its very excellent information 

here not we only earn money byt we also improve our writing skills also 







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