✒ ✏ My Entry into the Art Contest of @Hafsa Mansoor ✒ ✏

Hello Uptrenndians, 


Hopefully you all are fine and happy.  

This is my entry into the contest which is arranged our respected Guardian Mam Hafsa Mansoor.  

First of all i am thankful to mam @Hafsa to arranged this amazing and my favorite art contest. 

I am not a professional artist but during lock down i learn many things especially artwork.  I always try to make the unique things.  I make many mistakes during this artwork.  

As a nature lover 💏 i search the nature beauty in everywhere. I have huge interest to capture the nature beauty seen into my cellphone camera and make the artwork related to nature beauty.  This picture i already uploaded in my previous posts. I make this artwork in 10 days because i am working Women so. In daily basis i make only little part.  

preview not available

Header drawing i make first time and upload in this platform. In the  header drawing i draw the garden view and express my heart ♥ feelings and thoughts.  

I hope you like my artwork skills.  

If you want to participate in this contest so please click the below link 👇:

Click Here To Participate​​​




Image Source : this picture i took into my cellphone.  



syed seerat
23 Jan

The workmanship looking so astonishing and alluring 

Your challenge is acceptable, I appreciate you 

Most awesome aspect karma


Musharaf Saddique
23 Jan

Hello Soni 

Mashallah You are Doing a great art Work For Contest .Hope For The Best keep enjoying Uptrends with friends


Ubaid Rehman 🇵🇰
22 Jan

Best of luck for Contest.The that you drew looking good.hope you will win this contest


Huda Mehru
22 Jan

Beautiful, well done 

Your art work is superb i really like it 

Keep it up and keep trending 


Aamir Ali
23 Jan

These are really good pieces of art work... Best of luck for your art contest...!!. 

I'm also gonna participate in this one. 







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