My entry for Guardian @Javier Arturo Pulido contest, tagged; "lets defend our environment"

This is my entry for Guardian @Javier Arturo Pulido Andueza contest, tagged;  let's defend our environment. To participate in this contest, click this link;

Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness. Our environment speaks more of us, our present, future and generations yet unborn.

An environment can simply be described by me as a place that we live and the things around us that makes it comfortable to live in.

The things or elements of an environment includes;

The weather 

The plants/the trees





Natural resources such as diamonds, crude oils, tins, gold etc..

Man we know is an animal, though an higher class of animal, endowed with a lot of knowledge and Wisdom by Maker of Heaven and earth, to oversee all the elements that i have mentioned above.

Now if this elements are mismanaged or missused, it will bring and adverse effects on mankind and can  even threatens to stop the existence of humanity.

Take for instance, the mistake or intention that led to the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic. You could see how many lives were lost within a space of a very short time.

The things of nature must be properly managed and well taken care of, that was while God left them in our hands and not in the hands of Chimpanzees, monkeys or Gorillas.

What are some of these things we should do to maintain a good and safe environment?

1. We should always endeavor to keep our environment clean. Life threatening diseases emerges mostly from dirty environments.

2. We should avoid direct contacts to strange animals because some of these animals carries dangerous diseases in their blood line.

3. Oxygen is very important in our lives, as we take in oxygen from plants and give them out carbonvioxide. Therefore we should encourage the planting of trees in our environment as they also serve as shades from sunlight and also control winds.

4. We should avoid unnecessary killing of animals because them too have their roles to play

5. We should always try as much as possible to recycle our waste products instead of just living them like that to liter our environment.

6. Environmental sanitation awareness and synthesization  should be carried out by government in the rural areas to help educate the  illiterates and the poor about the need of a clean and healthy environment.. Remember they re humans too, if they re affected, the world is affected.

Together let join hands and make our environment a living heaven and not a living hell.






Joy Etuk
20 Mar

Thank you for this information, I only wish we humans can always do the right thing.... take note cleanliness is next to Godliness.. dirty places attracts unfamiliar spirits


Ifiok Eso
21 Mar

Yes, dear i am happy for this contest. At least we can all learn about the importance of a clean environment..


Suman Naz
20 Mar

Great entry sir,

Jaiver sir arranged very amazing contest thank you so much sir for this.

Nature is one most beautiful creation of Allah Almighty.

We need to keep our environment clean and save from pollution because it is very dangrous for our environment. Pollution destroys our environment so try to clean our environment. 

Best of luck for the comtest. I hope you win this contest because your entry was amazing. 


Ifiok Eso
21 Mar

Thanks so much my friend. We should all do our best to keep our environment clean and comfortable enough..


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
20 Mar

God endowed human beings with sufficient intelligence to manage natural resources well, for this reason we must protect them and not destroy them because we need each of these elements to be able to live, we must also have a clean environment to avoid diseases, thank you for your participation, it is a good entry.


Ifiok Eso
21 Mar

Thanks so much Sir for the compliment. Our environment is in our hands, we must take good care of it for our good..


Eunigold Paul
20 Mar

This post is very important to all. Indeed we should care for our environment keeping it clean from environmental pollution. And neatness is very important in our lives 


Ifiok Eso
21 Mar

Our lives  depend on our environment. If the environment is not conducive, then our lives will be in danger..


preview not available etson arrantes
20 Mar

We have to keep clean our environment, should taking care of it.. Otherwise we would have no where to go.. And there are animals.. Billions of them.. We should just care..


Ifiok Eso
21 Mar

Yes, that's very important. We should avoid unnecessary killing of animals for the sake of continuation for the generations unborn.







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