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Man is useless as long as he does not set a goal.The life of a person ie better who sets a goal and a person without a goal is like a paralyzed person lying on a bed and of no use .

The passion in our veins Blood must run to achieve our goals and I can't do anything until I set a goal and my dreams are big and I have to achieve everything because I believe in hard work.

And you can't achieve anything without hard work. Earlier I made a target to write 50 articles of the uptrennd User guide and I compiled 33 of them but I will do the rest one day but currently my target is not to create a user guide but...But ....

"Quality and OC Post In Every Community On Uptrennd"

What's the purpose of this??Hmm because we use the same community over and over again and now I have to do something new.

There are about 200 communities on Uptrennd and I have only posted in 35 to 40 communities till now and I am active in them and now my target is to post in 100 different communities because there are many things in which you can learn a lot. 

Now my goal is to learn myself and others to get something from my posts because I always believe that there is no point in getting your knowledge unless you Share your knowledge from others.

So in this journey I have to travel alone and when I reach the target there will be a surprise for you guys Lol.So guys this is a challenge for me and I'll try my best to complete this because it is going to be the first step of me in these communties.

And I'm super excited for this and if you guys wanna be a part of this campaign you can participate in this challenge too and use this hastage #Communitychallenge

You will get new chit chat OC and quality posts which will be beneficial for all of us.Let's Try something new..




Muhammad Farooq Sabar
24 Nov

i accept your challange and try to post a quality content in every type of community i limit this every comnunity to my interested communties because if i dont have any interest in any community then i never write a quality content for that community.


Ifeanyi Obasi
24 Nov

The role of goals to success in any field can't be overemphasized. Having goals for uptrend activity will help one to get the best out of the platform while giving their best to it too...

Your goals are wonderful and your achievements are great too, it serves as a good example for everyone


Bad Shah
24 Nov

Exactly ) there are a lot of communities approximately 200  

I think no user 👥 of uptrennd posted in every community

It's good to learn knowledge about every community and post there 

Best of luck to complete 100 oc   post in different communities 

Keep on trennding


Lucky Sylvester
24 Nov

This is a good challenge you've set up for yourself. I would also love to be a part of it but currently I have lots of activities which won't give me the time needed. 


Abubakar Usman
24 Nov

Nice one, in life one need to set a goal and after that you need to put on a determination cause life is all about determination. If you set a target and the best thing you can do is to put more effort so that you can achieve your goals. Thanks for sharing this with us remain blessed.







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