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My Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 02-12-2019 by @cryptospa

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Osato Jegede 1 month ago

The bearish market is not favorable this holiday season however there's always hope. 

Vesko Petkov 1 month ago

Let's hope that in a long run everything will be OK.

Itliker Shadda 1 month ago

The bearish trend is still ongoing I hope it will be for a short time and then we will see bull run

Vesko Petkov 1 month ago

I think the bear market will continue.

Lucas S 1 month ago

Same thing for Bitcoin, but as we draw closer I think movement will happen. Possibly down before it heads up.

Vesko Petkov 1 month ago

I also think the price of Bitcoin will go south.

Busola Akinlolu 1 month ago

The besrish sesson isn't over yet, hopefully we see a strong rise afterwards.

Vesko Petkov 1 month ago

I think the bearish season will be quite long.

єиgя. ѕαмєѕτ Olapade 1 month ago

This holiday season will have been sweeter if the market gives green notification but again we thank creation for where we are. Beautiful analysis

Vesko Petkov 1 month ago

Thank you for the nice words about my analysis.







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