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My Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 01-12-2019 by @cryptospa

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Athar Saleem 1 month ago

Your Overviw  about the current situation evolving in world's economy and it's  consequences on the crypto prices is most inspirational.

Vesko Petkov 1 month ago

Glad you highly evaluated my market overview.

Osato Jegede 1 month ago

Nice overview and great analysis on the global economy. Cryptocurrencies is yet the best alternative for investment amidst the inevitable recession. 

Vesko Petkov 1 month ago

Thank you for stopping by, Osato Jegede!

Lucas S 1 month ago

Btc can go for a while and not be worrisome without hitting a new ATH. That's not really the concerns it's the adoption and acceptance of digital currency like Bitcoin.

Vesko Petkov 1 month ago

Yeah, Bitcoin has to technical scale in order for the mass adoption to grow.

Busola Akinlolu 1 month ago

Great overview you have there i must say, the more the adoption of cryptocurrency the better :)

Vesko Petkov 1 month ago

Absolutely! The more the adoption the better!


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