My Business Truck: Dear Old Rugged Boy!

As fragile and squabby this Ford mini Truck looks, it had served my partner and I for almost two years in our private Haulage service in my city. When our Software Business carshed due to scams and too much bribing that we can't meet up with for FG Schools, we Sold our business Car and got a Truck on Lease to try out one of our old business that we left for a long time. Its overly sad to say that Covid19 ruined that slowly but thriving business for us. I'm one of those direct victims of the pandemic, most of the firms and privately owned warehouse we delivered for are closed down and some nearly liquidated.

As a business owner, it sucks to see that happen, but then I remembered the crazy moments in that beautiful rugged American Truck that was converted to a covered body truck for our small scale services. Yes I and my partner had to take over ourselves for close to a year because the drivers and Motorboys were scamming us, safe to say they make more than us the owners of the business. 


But the truck saw us through some deep dark times and some good times. Tire bursting like a bomb on Third Mainland Bridge, days of getting stuck in Apapa traffic for 24 hours, the days when clients don't want to pay or want to slash our payments. And the days when business was grounded till further notice like right now, but "OLD BOY" never failed us, though it does gave us some hard times, but the boy was loyal!

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Top Np
03 Nov

Driver is big responsibility of work.

Any thing and person depends you drived the truck, bus.

Take care of you and all.


Hira Shah
03 Nov

Hhhhh this truck is amazing I like to drive cars and I love cars ..

you are not only truck driver but you are driver of your business and carer of passengers.


Tayyab Hasnain
03 Nov's really amazing to be driver a truck..

It sucks when tyre burts & passengers don't pay you..


El Salvadore
03 Nov must have been alot through with the bus actually, especially yebokave you stated of the tire bursting and the unplanned droppings.

The bus otherwise known as boy must have made you really proud!


Captain Philips
03 Nov

Mini truck actually, not bus. And yes old diehard boy has been to all part of Lagos and back


El Salvadore
03 Nov


Yep he must have served you properly on the streets of Lagos


Captain Philips
03 Nov

Oh yes my man, midnight, day time, in the rain and hours upon hours on Third Mainland bridge haha


Sumaira Faisal
03 Nov

I think it's really difficult to drive a truck 

So sad for your business, crises and wish you best. Of luck for your new business 


Captain Philips
03 Nov

Thanks dear friend


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