My Best Memory.... Actually it is one of my best.


I am finding it hard to remember things these days. I don't know why it is happening, I spend time trying to recollect the memories of an experience or event I have been through. 

Our lives are filled with beautiful moments, times we will always look back on and smile. Experience we will love to tell the stories million times if necessary.

I am not a celebrity freak but I am very fond of some men of God and I would go extra miles just to have a physical encounter with them. I could remember how I went for Reinhard Bonnke crusade along Ibadan express way despite feelings sick just to have an experience.

I had a particular experience as a child which I can't forget. It was one of the beautiful moments of my life. Funny enough I had to confirm the year from mummy because I am poor at tracking dates.

In 2004, I was an RCCG member. My family attended "The Redeem Christian Church of God". Pastor E. A Adeboye is one of my spiritual mentor today but it didn't just start now.

I started having so much interest in the man of God as a child. Daddy is fond of calling people who wants to give their life to Christ after ministration.

On this fateful day I went out, it was my first time but I have been a Christian all my life. I had a different mission but I kept it to myself.

We do attend the Camp program such as Holy ghost congress and the Convention. Mom was an usher so we don’t miss it the camp programs. 

After Daddy made the call of people who wants to give their life to christ, i left my group and headed straight to the alter. It was the old camp ground, it was just a field then big enough to contain hundreds of thousands.

It was trip going to the Alter because we were sitting close to the end of Camp ground.

I moved as fast as I could but remember I had a mission. On getting there, we had to maintain several queues.

Many pastors were lined up, anointing and praying for people. I joined the queue but started acting like a child which I was but didn't like it when referred to as one.

I started giving people my spot on the queue because of my mission. I wanted to be anointed by Daddy Adeboye himself.

Finally I got the opportunity, a cheetah wouldn't have caught me with the way I sprinted so that another person wouldn't steal my moment.

He placed his hand on me and I wish I could capture the moment as an image. I was showing on every screen because the camera was focused on daddy. After praying, he gave me a Bible.

It was emotional for me as a kid, I cried back to my seat which I couldn't even find. The camp was so big and crowded that I couldn't recognize where I was coming from. Several large portion of the camp were labeled with Alphabet in case you miss your way. A family took me in and took care of me over the night before I returned to my group in the morning.

Mom laughed at me because she saw it clearly. I was crying while sharing the experience with my group and every one laughed really hard at me. 

It was a dream come true for me. 


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Kemmy B.
02 Aug

I'm grinning widely too as I read your experience. 😁 It's adorable and an amazing experience for you. You admire Pastor E. A. Adeboye a lot so meeting him face to face is an all-time experience for you! I'll probably be just as excited if I meet him too. May I suggest you keep a diary to note down dates of these memories and pass it on? Very inspiring too. 😊😊



George Dee
02 Aug

I think that's a good idea... I am kinda poor at documenting. 

Whenever I think about the experience, I wish I remain a kid forever. 

Thanks for the contribution and advice. 



Kenechukwu Ezeme
02 Aug

Hahahahahah.... That's both an emotional and funny experience. Yes, everything we are today is as a result of the decisions we took yesterday. That's why anyone that has parents should be Happy and thank God for it.

You might have also turned out the same without them but having parents that value spirituality made things easier for you and built that hunger for spiritual growth in you. 

The boy raced and claimed the blessing and the man is now sharing the memory with us. More blessings to you.



George Dee
02 Aug

That's true, parents play a vital role in the life of children. Helping your child grow spiritually is very important and it is on of the great inheritance that can be passed on from generation to generation. 

Thanks for the contribution man. I just followed you, you are doing well



Kenechukwu Ezeme
02 Aug

Yes... I was notified. Thanks for that.

Have fun



Obinna Ozoigbo
02 Aug

Mmmmh...The best spiritual gift ever is that which you received that day. It gladens my heart that you're now a member of God's family, a co-heir with Christ who undoubtedly is the First-Born of all creation. Bravo! 

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eernal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rom. 6:23



Kifayat khan
02 Aug

 you are looking so handsome I think it is your childhood and keep up smile on your face every time every day every month every year and every life that will help you in every matter that consider everything like bad good level l21



George Dee

Kafayat Khan, your comments shows you didn't read the post. The boy in the preview picture does not have anything to do with me, it is just an expression of how happy I was on one of the happiest moments in my life. 

Always ensure that you read the post to avoid downvote. I am sure you understand my point. 

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