Hello Trendians, 

Looking at the word "Beauty", many concepts come to mind.

Some seem to view it it as beyond the  physical to other aspects like attitude, lifestyle, spiritual and so on. 

But here I'm to speak of what I do for myself for physical beauty.

I'm a guy, and for that reason I don't go through the rigours of applying, makeups, shaving my legs or the others.

For general healthy skin


  •  First I rely on exercise.

My routine every morning especially when I go to work is to take an early morning walk, especially when I'm too weak to jog. Then occasionally I do some push-ups to match.

One might ask, how exercise helps In beauty.

By exercising, our body cells are replaced and that also go a long way to affect the skin also. I noticed that after I observed that most weight lifters have this smooth though soft skin. It is also a plus, when protein is consumed as that replace worn out cells, which also have something to do with the skin!

  • Cream and pomade.

I'm very lucky in this aspect as my body hardly reacts to lotions that are applied to the body.

For extremely dry moments, like harmattan in my country, I make use of Vaseline to keep moist, while for the rainy a little application of a cream of my choice is okay. I mostly make use of the brand called "cocoa and butter".

For my hair


I actually grow a moderate hair, but endeavour to wash it regularly and occasionally make use of shampoo to to be more thorough. 

For special occasions, I apply gel on my hair to keep it firm, but that is after the combing and the brushing aspect is done with.

I also make use of hair oil, and creams to make it shiny and greasy.

​I then ensure to trim once a week, to maintain a particular style of hair.

For my face.

The face is vastly recognized as having one of the most subtle part of the body, covered by a delicate coat of skin.

I watch the food I eat to make sure it has moderate amount of oil in other to avoid pimple infestation, as I had it for some years, though it's all cleared.

I apply light moisture when extremely dry to as I have an oily face.


I'm neither a lady nor a heavily built guy(hence, don't need very tight outfits lol) as I go to gyms only very few times in a month, sometimes only on Saturdays.

So my form of dressing, have a simple of undertone. Cloths that are not tight but are neither too fray.

Header image edited  from @Betty Ozomoeje

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Hurmain Zara
21 Jan

That's great to take care of yourself. All the fact matter is in this era is your personality at 1st place. You feel free to communicate with others yourself while you are confident in what you are. And how you looking.


Atanda Davido
21 Jan

While skin care products vary from person to person, the order you use them in can mean the difference between an effective routine and throwing money down the drain.


Eunigold Paul
21 Jan

Hmmm, nice one ,you explained yours perfectly 

You must be an handsome guy, with the way you explain your beauty routine.

Best of luck on your contest 


El Salvadore
21 Jan

I'm not the one that made my face ooh😅


Gohar Ali
21 Jan

Beauty lies in one smiling eyes,, your post is diffrent from thers,, you give a different concept of beauty


kodsy Cordelia
21 Jan

Woo! What a nice beauty routine but I would have actually love to see your face 😎😎😎.. 

This is a nice entry bro, and i wish you all the best







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