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I am really grateful for this opportunity to air my view by giving answers to some important questions regarding our beloved platform.
This is a contest organised by our beloved guardian @Emaan Ali and I really want to appreciate her for this wonderful opportunity. Click HERE to join the contest.

My Answers To The Questions.

1. What you know about Uptrennd?

Uptrennd is the best social media platforms in the whole wide world. It is everything anyone can think of. It is a platform where you can socialize, have fun, learn and at the same time earn. Uptrennd has an organogram with @Jeff as the CEO and the guardians as those who oversees all activities on the platform. The guardians maintain the quality of the platform by appreciating quality contents through upvotes and heavily downvoting spams which are non-quality contents.

2. The thing which you liked most on Uptrennd?

I like that uptrennd gives me the opportunity to learn and earn. It rewards me for my hard work. I like that I can easily express myself and freely explore my talent. I like that I get to make new friends from different countries and backgrounds.

3. The thing which you don't like on Uptrennd?

Everything that has an advantage, likewise has a disadvantage. Inasmuch uptrennd is the best there is, it still has its bitter cup. I dislike that people do not always appreciate quality content creators, rather, they end up downvoting these contents unnecessarily. Such shouldn't be accepted on uptrennd. Should we call that a case of jealousy or wickedness?

4. You are finding which thing on uptrennd?

It's not out of line when we say we learn every day. Without mincing words, I can undoubtedly say I am on uptrennd to learn and acquire more knowledge. More so, I am on this great platform to earn since I have no job. Uptrennd is currently my only source of income.

5. The best uptrennd user according to you?

Picking just a user as my best is like an injustice to many. There are so many users on uptrennd who work so hard to be the best. They deliver the best quality of contents and always engage other users on their posts. I think all these persons deserves to be recognized as the best.

And so, according to me, all quality content writers are the best uptrennd users.

6. The changes you want on uptrennd?

We all know that uptrennd is a great platform, we also know that no matter how good a platform is, there is always room for improvement. This is because the continuous quest for improvement is a vital key for any platform to succeed. Some changes which I would want on uptrennd include;

1. There should be an autosave for comments just as we have for post.
2. More fonts, colours and line dividers should be made available in the post/comment editor section.

3. There should be donation button made available for members and not just guardians, so that, those who wins contests will be rewarded directly on uptrennd instead of on other platforms.

4. A video tutorial should be made available for all new members, so they can be familiar with the rules and regulations of the platform easily and also get adapted to the platform in no time.

5. There should be an increase in the number of upvotes allocated to user per day.

7. The best gift or memory you got form uptrennd?

Uptrennd has given me the gift of sincere and lovable friends while the best memory I got from uptrennd was when I became the 3rd best student during the marathon organised by uptrennd University.

8. The best person to whom you met on uptrennd?

When you say person, It makes me restricted because I have met so many awesome people on uptrennd. Most persons on uptrennd are loveable. But if I am answer according to your question, the best person to whom I met on Uptrennd is @Merit Ahama, she is actually my best buddy. This does not mean you are still not my favourite. I know you understand what i mean.

9. Which lesson you got through your mistakes on uptrennd?

Most times, mistakes are inevitable as they are part of life. It's one thing to make a mistake and another thing to learn from your mistake. I recently made one of the biggest mistakes of my life by not paying attention to the instructions that were required for an assignment meant for uptrennd University pre zeta students, and that one mistake cost me my admission into the university. It was excruciating especially when I remember the effort I put into place just to be a part of the university. I learnt my lesson the hard way. Henceforth, I will thoroughly pay attention to instructions.

10. What you learnt from this worldwide platform?

I have learnt a lot from this awesome platform which I really can't mention all. I am indeed grateful to my sisters for introducing me to uptrennd because I wouldn't have had the knowledge of crypto currency, and much more had it been I never knew about uptrennd. I also have learnt how to become a better writer, and I can easily express myself better now. More so, I have learnt how to communicate freely with people from different countries and backgrounds, and how to be more sociable. This is a great achievement for me.

11. How uptrennd brought positivity in your life?

Uptrennd has indeed blessed me with the gift of learning different things and knowing more about things. There is this saying that goes thus; “know something about everything and everything about something.” This was only possible for me because of uptrennd. Hardwork they say pays and idleness kills faster. Uptrennd has taught me how to be hardworking, determined, dedicated, and appreciative. All these have changed the way I view things in life and made me a better person.

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Hameed khan
11 Jan

I got number of benefit from the uptrend.

First of all people come from different culture which is very best benefit beside this we get plenty of knowledge and different ideas. Vastness of mind increases. We bocome writer for the earning.

We have got number of friend too


Bright David
11 Jan

You are right.. I have also gotten to know alot of cultures and traditions of other countries. Uptrennd has increased the way we think and we are gradually developing our minds. 

Good to know you have gotten some number of friends... 

Thanks for your comment 


Amjad Ali Waince
11 Jan

Uptrennd brings best changes in you . Hard working , determination, dedication and appreciation are great things in a healthy man.

Best wishes for the contest.

Stay blessed


Bright David
11 Jan

You are right and am grateful to uptrennd for bringing all these changes in me.. 

Thanks for wishing me well... 

Stay blessed too


Adore Eu
11 Jan

Great answers,  for sure if we begin to mention names, they are numerous.  Nice to know you are finding knowledge here.  Quality content creators are supported,  I guess many are still not visible yet.  You have answered your question rightly and I wish you well in the contest 


Bright David
11 Jan

Thanks so much.. Your comment means alot to me... I am happy you appreciate my post. Indeed, the names are so many and I can't start mentioning all here... 

Many quality content creators are still not visible but I know with time they will be recognized. 

Thanks for wishing me well







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