I was with delta elders of Illah. A kind of igbo speaking people but it took me much attention to understand their dialect. 

It was too obvious that i wasn't from there based on the dialect i speak rather they will understand me so clearly.

It was one of the kind experience sit with the lovely people of Anioma  people as they discussed about the kingly festival or something like that called "igbaa Alo" even when i was in village i don't know the name of any ritual used to qualify a big event like the igbaa Alo.. 

I was trying to catch what the igbaa alo means untill explained it to my own dialect teriminology as "ibu odu" its one of the fascinating historical cultural rituals i have heard. 

It baffled me when i heard, before someone qualifies to "igbaa alo" the ceremony worth of 6million naira. But that's not a problem

Looking around me the caliber of people sitting is the type don't want to mess with. I can perceive the perfume of currencies. 

Their beeds and round cap attire trying lappa( akwa ocha or akwa otu) it wasn't a merriment just a friendly visit accompanied with alot of jubilation galour. 

Not more than twenty people a live goat was killed, roasted and was boiled. It was like a great opportunity dining with crim lada crims 

Thanks to my gut that i was able to act like a king to dine with kings.

There is an adage that says nwata kwo chaa aka osoro ogaranya rie" sometimes even the inner culture is diversied but we had one thing in common and that is we are all igbos as far as we were able to communicate using the 36 igbo alphabet. 

The tune, structure, syallabic stress, grammatical jargons and whatever doesn't matter. 

As long as we have comunicated under the igbo alphabet its always a communication even when the vocabularies sounds foreign.

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