In every contest, they is always a winner, if they is no winner, it means it wasn't really a contest.

Although my 24 Days gratitude journal is not basically a contest, but a medium to appreciate God for what He has done because according to my philosophy; APPRECIATION IS AN APPLICATION FOR MORE.

Yes, if you're not faithful or grateful for the little, who will give you more? 

No one. 

That's simply implies that when you're grateful for the little you have, you stand a higher chance to get more from the unlimited/unquenchable source which is the Universe.

My 24 days gratitude journal contest wasn't really an easy task because as humans, it takes discipline to keep doing and repeating the same thing on a daily basis over and over again.

Following the rules of engagement for the contest which you can fine the link Here, and after going through all the entries, I find the following people to be the winners of the little exercise;

@Godswill Johnson - 3rd Position - 200 1up

@Egwu Doris - 2nd Position - 300 1up 


@Mimi Jay - 1st Position - 500 1up

Kindly contact or tag me on Uptrennd official telegram group to claim your prize 🏆 or you send me messages via WhatsApp to remind me any time. 

Yes, this 3 people has really tried their best although they're not 100% complete on the task, but they tried their possible best.

Others who participated in the contest tried as well, but this are the 3 outstanding people who didn't give up on their task.

And I say a big congratulations 🎊 to the 3 winners 🥇 and others who participated on the contest and I say a big thank you for allowing this to become a reality.

And my prayer to all who participated in this is that may God Almighty give you more of what you're grateful for because Appreciation is an Application for More.

More contest awaits you all soon.

Thanks to everyone.

Keep Uptrennding to learn & earn more money as well 

And Always Remember That In All We Do;

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Mike Etim®

I Remain Your Friend & Brother
Mike Etim®


Hope Ochei
27 Nov

Congratulations to the winners of this contest. 

@Godswill Johnson, @Egwu Doris & @Mimi Jay. 

Thanks Mike for this initiative. 


Saman Aslam
27 Nov

Congratulations all the winners. Such competitions are very useful and rewarding for motivation and performance. 


Saviour Essien
27 Nov

Wow this person has really deserves this prices have personally seen their hardwork. Congratulations to all of them & to @Mimi jay every disappointment is a blessing. 


Scholastica Kosy
27 Nov

Yes oo. God is not asleep. He is compesating her for everything


Mimi Jay
05 Dec

Yes dear,  my God wasn't and is never asleep...  He has blessed me with something bigger and I say big thanks to him... 

Thanks o much dear @Saviour Essie 


Kenny Iledun
27 Nov

Congratulations to all the winners. 

I wished one of my friends here won. 


victor vickyrich
27 Nov

Yaay!!! Congrats to the winners of the innovation @Godswill Johnson @Egwu Doris @Mimi jay

Joining it made me realize how grateful I am. So I am not particularly after the prize too and am glad I joined. Thank you @mike etim for organizing such a lovely exercise. All the best!!!







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