My 2020* in four pictures

Asslam o alaikum everyone .

I guess you guys doing well.

My 2020 in four pictures.

As we know that 2020 was a bad year for almost everyone. It seems like  time jumped 2019 to 2021 . 

I didn't get a chance to go anywhere because of covid_19. So in 2020 I captured very few pictures .that picture took on the roof of the house or in the my hostel.

 Well This contest organized by kamran akbar  and seems like different and unique so i want participate in this contest .

first picture i took in march.

preview not available

in the march When covid_19 was spreading . When University , colleges, schools was closed . So I was going home because hostels was also closed . Then I decided to  take a look at the garden on the way to  home . That was the last  In 2020 I haven't visit anymore place then. I took this selfie because no one's with me to took pictures lol.

Second picture in November

preview not available

After a long time I was in my hostel once again for semester annual exam that announced by our University. That time to enjoy with my hostel friends so one of my hostel buddy click my this photograph .

Third picture in also November 

preview not available

This photograph I took when classes started again in November . I was with my hostel and collage Friends . Enjoyed almost one month together it's seem everything now well and keep going on but unfortunately covid_19 hurted once again collages was closed once again now I'm at home amd lying on a bed lol .

Fourth picture in December.

preview not available

This photograph was Captured on last day of 2020 . I put on face on  the  last day of 2020 to say happy good by . Only one smile can change your mood I believe . I changed my bad 2020 in a good end while smiling . So these are my   four pictures of 2020 . Hope you like it .

If you want to participate in this contest then ​Click here​​​

Stay blessed 

Happy 2up Tuesday.



Tayyab Hasnain
05 Jan

Wow, you are looking gorgeous in these pictures. It seems you spent most of your time studying in 2020.

Best of luck


Bilal Ahmad
05 Jan

Thank you so much dear .. but most my time spent in sleeping and lying every time buddy lol .🙄🙄🙄


Hameed khan
05 Jan

Your picture are beautiful. You are looking so handsome in these picture.

Your best picture is first one  which you have taken in march


Fida Ullah
05 Jan

Wow mashallah very beautiful picture look like king my great wishes is with you your entry is wounderfull best of luck


UrOoj Fatima
05 Jan

Masha Allah, all your pictures have been extracted very well .

 When someone makes a picture, a lot of memories are associated with that picture and when we look at that picture, we have a smile on our face. 

 Similarly, all your pictures are very good and you look very good. 


Bilal Ahmad
05 Jan

Jazzak Allah . Thank you so much dear . 

Stay happy .

Stay blessed .


Suman Naz
05 Jan

Nice handsome🙃🙃🙃

Yout are looking beautiful. Great personality dear. Your first and third picture is super..

Best of luck fir this contest..







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