All picture edited by phone​​​

All picture is from Phone Gallery​​​This is my entry @Kamran's contest.

I bring greetings to all my​All photo from Phone Gallery​​​ fellow members and the guardians of this great platform Uptrennd.

Am so happy to be alive in the land of the living and possibly taken part in this contest.

I must be honest with us I don't take much pictures of myself but I want to tell you that anyone you are going to see is the really me and say 1 or 2 about each of them.


This was my first day at work after 8years of my been a graduate, it was my happiness moment in the early start of 2020. When I was employed by Family History and Oral Genealogy as an office clerk and after some few months I was transferred to the field as a field agent.


When I have finally been to the field as field, I was opportuned to be in the home town of the CEO KS Tooth Brush to conduct an interview with His brother a face to face interview about his ancient family history and we build a family tree for every family around West Africa.



This picture reminds me about covid-19 and the lockdown and Endears protest 😭😭 many souls perished and our government could not do anything about it.       It immediately the lockdown was lifted my colleague in Family History and Oral Genealogy did his wedding that was meant to have been done before the lockdown, 🖕🖕🖕🖕this picture was taken after I have prepared to start going to the wedding.


new england institute of technology 

This is me in the church with a sister in Christ, actually the last Sunday of the past year 2020, I think God for life and am grateful, please i really need to move from this level to a better place and am sure you guys will teach more for me to become a genius of crypto currency and am sure it will change my life for the best.

Here is the link for interested participants wish you all good luck 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇



RinNy Mboro
02 Jan

I love all your pictures because the look too cool

Summarizing a whole year in 4 pictures and you did it so well

I particularly love that picture you said reminded you of the covid 19 and endsars protest which saw many lost their lives without the nation doing nothing about it

I'll love to be a part of this contest


Amjad Ali Waince
02 Jan

Life is full of happiness and sorrows . Life looking in your pictures so awesome. Especially third one is so cute and charming.

Best wishes for the contest.

Stay blessed!!!


Zeeshan Haider
08 Jan

Best wishes for the contest.

Pictures are really great 

You looks charming.Wish u the best bro😊


Kiran Umair
02 Jan

I like all your  picture.

You have such a nice photography and editing skills.

You are looking so handsome.


DeThouGhT ConCepT
02 Jan

Thanks alot for that compliment I really appreciate it.


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
03 Jan

looks like your year was amazoing


DeThouGhT ConCepT
03 Jan

God has never failed his own people







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