My 2020 In 4 pictures

This is a contest entry.

Check out the announcement post by Kamran, here.

  • Front line

I doubted myself. I doubted the lessons I learnt through life. I had once believed whatever happens, happens for a reason. There is nothing you experience in life that doesn't come in handy at a future time. But when I stepped in UAE in 2019, I felt lost and thought it was a new journey.

Little did I know fate had pre-recorded everything to go without me ever acknowledging it. In typical "life" fashion, all the stars aligned. My journey of many roads soon began and it all happened so unexpectedly. At the end, my goals were reached. My lessons, revised.

Within this challenging journey I reached heights I could not imagine. Local interviews, international interviews, building my character, local appreciation, making some of my best friends, serving the community and what not.

Read more about my COVID19 journey here.

  • The desert.

The desert to me, is what an evening watching the sunset is to you. Or spending a night on a hammock in a distant jungle, counting stars. Or a hike on the Himalayas and the meditation at the peak.

Symbolic, is what it is. Hot in the day, freezing at night. Expensive cars with earthshaking engines. Electrics lamps and plastic chairs. Contrasted with the simplicity of living like the Bedouins.

There was nothing better than digging my toes into the cold sand, with a warm cup of karak tea in my hand, overlooking nothing but dunes of smooth sand. Reflecting over the day, reflecting over what has transpired, reflecting on the revelations of the world.

2020 was like the desert at night. Very different, unexpected, source of reflection and learning about myself and life.

  • The Big Move.

After all that had transpired, not just with me, I still had the guts of a lunatic. Going against all logic and law, I had geared up to make one of the, if not biggest, moves in my life.

Flying itself was a life hazard. But, migrating? At a time of no job security, thinning savings and a collapsing economy. I must have the balls of a madman. It's almost like I paid my homage to the craziness of 2020.

For what I gained, and what I possessed, this move will forever be a topic of discussion in my bloodline to come.

  • HiveFest

Oh yes, this is something I give hall of fame status to. It deserves a spot on my 2020 rewind.

For years now, I have always been at the verge of being present at the fests. 2019 was no different. In fact, it was the easiest one for me to access. Every goddamned year, one or the other thing would pop up. Heck, I have not been able to make it to any other local fests, either.

Coincidence or bad luck? "Pre-occupied" should be my middle name. Need to check that birth certificate once again. However, this year was a golden opportunity. Online. Fest is online!

After anticipating the fest for so long I finally had a shot of being part of the convention. And so I did. It was one of the brighter things in 2020, for me.
Given I was late...still, I was there.

I finally got to see what the fest was like in first person. It gave me regret more than anything. Imagine how much livelier and talkative it would be IRL. Yes, I didn't get approached much, nor did anyone have active conversations with me. I still could find a lot of people I look up to and had a chat with them, listened to some of the projects, and learnt a lot about hive.

I got to meet some non hivers, some big time hivers, and a lot more. But all of that is for later posts.

That is my 2020 in 4 pictures.
I cordially invite anyone and everyone to share their 2020, in 4 pictures.
Have a happy new year.

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Princess Busayo
01 Jan

I enjoyed reading how your 2020 had been and how you overcame difficult experiences. At least you got what you ever wanted which was seeing the fest.

I hope this new year will make you experience more opportunities like this. 


Senor Blindsky
03 Jan

I believe this year will bring a lot of glad tidings with it. I wish the same for you. The year will be better than all we had before <3


Crypto Author
01 Jan

Nice appreciate 


Raza Malik
01 Jan

Remember dear, no matter how difficult a person may be, no matter how many obstacles he overcomes, no matter how many obstacles he overcomes, but when he reaches his destination, the difficulty he has gone through becomes a golden dream for him. And then he leaves a lesson for others that if you don't give up, everything is possible۔


Senor Blindsky
03 Jan

Everything is possible. Well said. I believe I live my life with the moto. Hope you do too


wardah Ashraf
01 Jan

I read your 2020 in four pictures... You have well explained it... Its an amazing entry... Wish you good luck😊

All you have to do to move on is to learn from your past and to learn from your mistakes... It will help you to move on further towards the leading way of progress... 💪

Stay blessed😇


Senor Blindsky
05 Jan

Thank you. I often try to learn from the past, it is the best teacher after all







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