MVP release of the Bluzelle Oracles

#BluzelleOracles #Roadmap

Another milestone delivered as promised in our 2021 roadmap - MVP release of the Bluzelle Oracles!

This verson, called Ryu, is now running on the Testnet providing production-quality price values for Defi. The release of the Oracles MVP is a vital part in achieving our mission in building a tamper-proof and secure infrastructure for Web 3.0.

"Bluzelle's Oracles are one of a kind, in the industry. We have cleverly employed the natural power of Proof of Stake, inherent in our blockchain, to guarantee the authenticity of our oracle data. We use advanced statistical analytics, historical data patterns, and data filtering techniques, in combination, to produce extremely reliable data feeds to our DeFi customers," says Bluzelle CTO Neeraj Murarka.

Read more on its features and how it works:


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