Mushroom food is also medicine

Mushroom food is also medicine

Plants have a unique place among the creatures created by Allah Almighty for the service and humility of human beings. Funjaai is one of the mysterious plants. Some types of fungi are also used as human food. And they are called mushrooms. This protein is the best blend of vitamins and salts. It is very useful for blood pressure and heart diseases. Some types of it are used to boost immunity against cancer and physical diseases. And lowers blood cholesterol.

Button and oyster mushrooms are grown on a limited scale in Pakistan. It is not grown directly in the fields but is grown indoors.

It is cultivated for the following reasons. It can be grown on rice straw, wheat straw, cotton stalks, cotton waste, and banana leaves. Mushrooms make these foods rich in protein and protein.

 It can be cultivated on a large scale as a business. you can use Extra rooms in the house. It is affordable, fresh, and nutritious. And you can grow it as a hobby

It can be a source of income for people with disabilities. Oyster mushrooms can be easily grown on cotton waste and wheat straw. Wheat straw is used to make compost for button mushroom cultivation. Which is ready in three to four weeks. Oyster mushrooms are grown at a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Button mushroom seeds, ie spawning, require a temperature of 22-27 degrees.

When the spawn is complete, a layer of soil called casing is formed. The mushrooms come out three weeks later. When the temperature is 18 to 19 degrees, the button becomes a mushroom. There is no need for the casing for oyster mushrooms

The weather is hot in some parts of Pakistan for most of the year. Therefore, only a few months of the season can cultivate button mushrooms.

Mushrooms can be grown in a small area at low cost, while large-scale commercial cultivation requires a lot of capital. It costs more to control the weather and build mushroom houses

I can easily make mushroom farms at a low cost in an existing building or a poultry farm building.

There are the following costs for growing mushrooms. 

1 Purchase of a badge  

2  labor costs 

3  Media purchase and manufacture 

4  electricity and gas costs Construction 

5  mushroom houses

Skills are essential for the successful cultivation of mushrooms. Preparation of media. All of this requires training. For this, you can contact the Mushroom Laboratory Institute of Horticultural Science. There was no proper arrangement in Pakistan for an investigation into mushroom cultivation. All these difficulties have been overcome. A mushroom laboratory has been set up. These include investment tips, construction of mushroom houses, and advice on weather conditions, planting timetables, telephone information, pest and disease control expert advice, and other tips.




Olatunbosun Bossman
28 Apr

Nice post. Just as we have edible mushrooms, we also have poisonous mushrooms



Sheikh Talha
28 Apr

Yes brother mushrooms are full of protein but mushrooms have many kinds some are dangerous in eating



Sufy Zada
28 Apr

It's like a medicine but Pakistani don't like it as a meal but i ve seen chinese and others who like so much 



Daniel Taiwo
28 Apr

I've know mushroom to be a food for a while now, although I have eaten it more than twice, taste okay. 



Sarfaraz Ahmed
28 Apr

I can't imagine mushrooms are so helpful and importantly in medicine.. 








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