MurMur a micro-blogging network on Telos

MurMur is a decentralized micro-blogging platform on Telos blockchain. It is similar to Twitter, with the difference that it rewards users with Telos and Mur tokens for posting content. You need a Telos account of course to participate, but if you don't have one, it will create one for free.

The network used to be on EOS blockchain but due to the congestion caused mainly by EIDOS they had to change blockchain. As far as I know it was the only app to offer free EOS account.

You can download the Android app on Google play store.



preview not available Hafsa M
20 Jun

sounds interesting, this type of apps is the revolution of social media where users paid for their content. I will try this app, thanks for bringing it here.


preview not available Navi .
20 Jun

Many more initiatives are coming now adays and people are moving from that crap Facebook to many other paid content platforms do they have better knowledge about advanced crypto and paid for their hard works too. 


Segun Charles
19 Jun

Thanks for the information on MurMur...

I think I love the network

 I will check it out dear







Telos (TLOS) is smart contract blockchain running on EOSIO software. It makes use of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus. TLOS is the native currency of Telos and is used for acquiring resources for decentralized applications (dApps), voting for block producers, worker proposals, election arbitrators and other on chain governance. The governance features used by Telos' core system are available for dApp developers to include in their projects. The Telos blockchain reportedly offers dApp developers 0.5 second block times, transaction rates in excess of 1000 transactions per second, and free transactions. Developers can reportedly build blockchain applications that provide a similar user experience to conventional applications. The blockchain went live in December 2018 using a modified EOS genesis snapshot (the result of the EOS token sale) where all accounts were capped at a maximum of 40000 TLOS. This resulted in a broad and relatively equitable initial distribution of approximately 300 million tokens EOS genesis account holders. 18 million tokens were granted to the founders of the chain and 6 million to the Telos Foundation.


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