Multiple Twitter Accounts HACKED - Careful of FAKE GIVEAWAYS

This just in. Multiple crypto-twitter accounts have been hacked and posting fake giveaways. Be careful Uptrennd as this is obviously an attempt to scam crypto enthusiasts. These giveaways are fake.

Accounts that have been hacked so far: @cz_binance, @binance,@Gemini,@coinbase, @AngeloBTC.

CZ Binance Hacked Twitter

Stay safe and don't fall for any traps. The above tweet is not from CZ but it is a scam attempt. Don't even follow the link as you might get infected with malware.

[EDIT] More accounts have been hacked:

@Kucoin @Coindesk @Justinsuntron @Coinbase


Warn others about this if possible. It is major hack and many will fall for this.

It seems that Twitter action was brisk and hopefully damage was limited. Still too many accounts suffered similar hack at the same time. This invalidates SMS hack or SIM Swap. The hack probably happened on Twitter. This is a major problem of centralized networks. You can't hack Bitcoin.

Crypto news reported that accounts of Elon Musk and Bill Gates were also targeted. The matter might be over for now but certainly there will be a lot of discussion about how safe Twitter actually is.

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Dozie Kash
15 Jul

Thanks A lot for this update. I have always been scared of most twitter and telegram giveaways due to the high rate of scam.


Rameen Khan 🇵🇰
15 Jul

Ohh that's a big scamming be Careful every user of twitter even all the social sites user should aware about it...well I'm not on Twitter


Don Christov
15 Jul

Been going through all the accounts hacked in the news. Way more than just Crypto

As at the last time I checked over 12 BTC gotten that's just crazy. Its bad for mass adoption as this only reinforces the belief that Crypto is only used by scammers and hackers


Idea Clipper
15 Jul

Oh too bad to know... But thanks for this information.. 


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