Hello Islam,oalikum

I hope you are well and I pray for you. I would like to say something about the up-trend plate that sometimes people test the strengths and weaknesses of a person in the context of ignorant thinking.

Our biggest mistake is that we say good and bad about his character without knowing anyone.

  The purpose of the video I posted yesterday on my WhatsApp status was to get to know the thoughts of these people about me and the response I got after seeing everyone's comments and the people who had such thoughts about me.  If so, this is what I would say to all of them, so first you should consider a person complete and then say good and bad things about him.  Everyone will know about my character by watching the 28 second video in just 10.15 seconds. In fact, they should have watched the whole video. What kind of video is this?

One should not gamble. 

 Gossip is also a sin which can lead to quarrels between two people. 

 The secret of being peaceful in human society is love.

  Think good for each other, whoever thinks good for others, Allah does good for him - 

a sign of peace in society is justice.  Injustice destroys societies and governments.

  The sign of a good man is good morals - in many people consensus is a blessing, a virtue.



Muhammad Waheed Satti

Bro, Its a part of life something comes in our life as heritage parts, something comes GOD gifted and something needs really hard work. Love is essential part of life either whatever they do or which part of life they did....


Maria Amjad

Walikum salam.. 

Yeah.. You are spoken well... We should not criticize any other person because we don't know, how much he is good in his doings. 

We should think before speak...







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