Mood swing

There are some people who change in a hurry. Their mindset changes in seconds. They may laugh and tears come out of the corners of their eyes for no reason. Someone might get angry and calm down, At one stage of the chat. Someone may get up and leave without saying anything to anyone, and at other times, even if they are together with everyone, why should a lot of emptiness go hand in hand with their mind.
Someone's very dearest person also becomes unpleasant to him/her for some time, even people very close seem to be far away for a while.

And these instant changed people have to endure a lot of words from around them all the time. They may have to listen all the time, this change is their attitude and arrogance. Actually, this kind of change isn't their arrogance or attitude. This kind of change is due to mood swing.

Mood swing is the name of a serious problem that many people may suffer from. And people who have mood swings may get better by hurrying or get upset by hurrying. And it's not clear to them whether they get better or worse by hurrying. So, how is it possible to explain that reason to others which is why they have to constantly fight with themselves?? But on the other hand, many people may start making bad comments about these people for their mood swings.

In fact, it's impossible to understand the seriousness of the problem of mood swings without standing in the place of the person who is in a mood swing. So before making any kind of negative comment about these people, think about putting yourself in their place once.

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Fariha Khan
24 Feb

Hello mam @Fatema how are you?

I'm honoured to be the first commentator on this amazing post.You are absolutely right,we should think twice before negatively commenting on the condition of someone because of his/her mood swing.

May be he had some serious reason behind his/her mood swing that is very painful.Before commenting negative we should think by keeping ourselves in place of him/her.

Splendid writeup👍


Fatema's World
23 Mar

Yeah dear in mood swings a person can't understand what he or she done in a second and what one's control one's mind...

Some of my friends suffering to mood swings and really it's so hard condition to control their mind...!

Btw thanks for your amazing comment❤❤


Abubakar Usman
24 Feb

You are right dear, some people mood swings is a situation that make someone to be in bad mood. This is matter of urgent, you have to solve the problem if those people in urgent so that things will move better. Thanks for sharing.


Fatema's World
23 Mar

Yeah right.... we should sensitively handle any mood swings person..







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