Mobile Applications You Cannot Understand How Time Will Pass When You Spend Time At Home

We are spending much more time in our homes nowadays due to Covid-19, which surrounds the world. While curfews and restrictions force us to stay at home, we prefer to spend time in our homes to maintain social distance and minimize contact. Well, one of the questions we all have in mind while staying at home for such long periods is "how can we have a pleasant and good time?" is happening. At this point, our smart phones and mobile applications come to our rescue. Here are some of the mobile applications that will make us forget the time while spending time in our homes ...

When it comes to fun and pleasure, the first game comes to mind

When it comes to smart phone or mobile application, the first thing that comes to mind for young or old is usually games. You can have fun at home by downloading many different types of games such as adventure, sports, racing, puzzle, and quiz. With the online versions of the games, you can enter a sweet competition with people you do not know living in different parts of the world, and you can create time to distract yourself and relax with the stages that continue day by day.

Reach your loved ones with video call applications

In these days where you spend most of your time at home, how about doing something that you haven't had a chance to find for a long time? It is possible to reach your loved ones from where you sit with the video and video call applications that you can download to your phone with mobile applications. While seeing them at the same time, you can listen to music, watch movies and share those moments with the different features offered by each application. Even if the distances are far, these applications will bring you closer to your loved ones.

Both increase your knowledge and have a pleasant time

Another alternative that you can download as a mobile application and that will make the time spent at home valuable are platforms where experts in the field have short speech videos. These videos, which you can choose according to your own taste and the area you like, will make you forget time and offer you a pleasant time while expanding your knowledge.

You can try audiobooks

One of the best things about being at home is being able to devote more time to yourself and your hobbies. One of the activities that you can make the most of this time is audio books. Audiobooks, which have been on the agenda more frequently recently, have become more accessible with different mobile applications. You can listen to one of the books you have wanted to read for a long time but have not found any time at home with a hot coffee.

How about designing?

Another application that will make the time at home very enjoyable and beautiful is photography or visual design programs. This activity, which you can do on your phone by downloading different mobile applications, is limited by your imagination. With the different features of different applications, you can create unique designs and ignite your creativity during this period of stay at home.

Listening to the radio can be fun

Another application that comes to mind when it comes to phone or mobile application is radios. With the transfer of many channels and signal infrastructures to the online environment, it is now very easy to reach thousands of frequencies in different parts of the world via mobile phones. During your time at home, you can download one of these applications and browse through thousands of radios broadcasting in different geographies and languages and have a pleasant time.



Nimra Jamshaid
26 Feb

I prefer photography beacause Photography adds so much value to our lives, by recording special events, people, or places, as well as helping us learn and grow as people


Raheem Haider
27 Feb

Listening to radio is a fun.sometimes i sat down and enjoy listening to radio


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