Mixed Feelings

Since I finished the university, I had always wished to set things right; fight for the rights of the common man, punish all those guilty of crimes and make the community a better place for all of us to live.

As a human right activist, my greatest triumphs are when cases are won in favour of the people whom the society hashtags #NOBODIES.

So, my team and I take up difficult and hideous cases, and sometimes this cases affects our personal lives. The affluent press us hard with all their political might, influence and thugs.


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The last case we won left me in doubt, with mixed feelings. I was determined to continuously fight for the rights of the uncommon man no matter the level of intimidation.

We had already gotten the verdict from the court that our client had been declared innocent of the alleged crime and was to be paid a sum of fifteen million naira by the plaintiff as compensation for damages and assault.

This victory cane after three months of investigations that sometimes left my team and I exhausted. So when the verdict came from the court, we were very happy that our client had been vindicated.

After our client was released and compensation paid, we led our client home. On getting home, we met a closed door and an unusual silence. After we'd knocked on the door for a while, we decided to break into the house and found our client's wife and two children on the floor lifeless - no signs of blood on the bodies, we quickly held our client back and called the ambulance. After the autopsy, we we're told they had been electrocuted.


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That day was really a day mixed with feelings of triumph, pains, joy and tragedy.

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Kenechukwu Ezeme
23 Feb

Hmmmm...this is truly a good blend of various feelings and the mixed feeling attached to this shows how people's lives can turn upside down within a couple of minutes.

The saddest part is the loss of the family in such a sad way.


Imekan Udohaya
23 Feb

Hmmmm..... Very sad and tragic story, he lost his family😭😭😭 within some seconds, things turned apart... It's really a mixed feelings.


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