Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Phone’s Battery Quickly

One problem of smartphones is their battery. If battery is not good, people do complain about it. A phone without a good battery is not useful enough.

1. Charging and pressing/ touching your phone at the same time: this is a common thing among people. This kills battery easily. When you are charging your phone, make sure you don’t do any activity on it.

2. Using battery charging apps: there are some apps on playstore that enables your battery to charge faster. Please stop using this. They weaken the battery. 

3. Using hotspot and mobile data Everytime: most people like to keep the data of their phones switch on . But this is how mobile data weakens the battery; when you are in area where there is low network, it makes the battery drain faster. 

4. Keeping many background activities awake: make sure you minimize how the apps you open on your phone. Turning background activities can weaken your battery easily.

5. Area of High temperature: in a place where the temperature is too high, it affects your battery power.

Photo credit: Google



Majorstech Abdullahi
01 Sep

Thanks for sharing this, we have to make adjustments on use of phone.


Raphzodi Segun
01 Sep

I do commit the error of charging and pressing my phone most time but with what u have said will try to stop it thanks for ur tips.good morning.


Mudasiru Edili
01 Sep

 A phone without a good battery is like a sick person without medication, phone without battery is as good as you are using desktop so my brother go for a better phone and forget all the less battery phone.


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