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​Hello, beautiful citizens of uptrend city. You were just at our grand opening ceremony right? Now FUNHOUSE is fully functional and here to whet your fun buds. 

We have decided to treat you to the best. In our 3D cinema tonight, we are going to be showing a movie called the midnight sky for your viewing pleasure.​​

You get free popcorn and a 50% discount today because you are one of our early birds. Did you think we were kidding the last time? Hehe!

​This is one of those very special movies that will forever have a place in your heart. A beautiful blend of fiction and drama.

THE MIDNIGHT SKY - A 2020 sci-fi movie based on a 2016 novel, Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton and directed by George Clooney.


​George Clooney as Dr. August Lofthouse

​Sophie Rundle as Jean Sullivan 

​Felicity Jones as Dr. Iris 'sully' Sullivan 

​Tiffany Boone as Maya

​Kyle Sandler as Mitchell

​Demian Bichir as Sanchez 

​David Oyelowo as Commander Adewole

​Caoilinn Springall as Young Iris 

This plot begins in 2049. The world had faced a global catastrophe from the nuclear war that wiped out more than half the earth's population. Some of the remaining inhabitants at the artic base were being evacuated to a safer place to prevent contamination from ionizing radiation.​ Everyone except for Dr. Augustine Lofthouse.

​Dr. Lofthouse, an overly dedicated Scientist dedicates his life to research and finding planets that can be habitable for humans. He stays behind because he has a terminal illness and not much to live for. 

He starts to experience blackouts and flashes - to over thirty years ago when he met his partner Jean Sullivan at a gala whom he was too busy exploring space to focus on. She leaves him and then comes back in a few years to inform him of a daughter whom he never gets to meet even when he had the opportunity to.

He soon finds out that he's not alone in the Arctic outpost.  A little girl, Iris he presumed was left behind. He makes a futile attempt to contact the evacuees to come and get Iris. Then he starts to monitor space missions and finds only one active crew, Aether. But the problem is, the signal from his outpost is too weak so he needs to journey to another outpost, lake haven in the arctic with a stronger satellite.

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​He makes a very hectic journey with little Iris through the artic and finally gets a stronger connection to Aether. Aether, a five-man crew sent on a mission to K23, Jupiter's moon to assert how habitable the planet is, suddenly loses all connections except for lake haven. August establishes a strange but sweet communication with Dr. Iris Sully as he informs them about the catastrophe that happened on earth. 

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During their conversation, he discovers that Dr. Iris is Jean Sullivan's daughter whom he never met. However, the pinnacle of the plot is that Iris had been with him all through his voyage. August had made it his final life mission to contact Aether together with the help of little Iris despite his health. The plot reveals that little Iris was indeed Dr. Iris who had been with him only in his hallucinations.

​Aether crew loses, one member, Maya while trying to fix a malfunction in their spacecraft. They are faced with a hard decision - go back to shattered earth or return to K23. Two crew members, Mitchell and Sanchez decide to re-enter earth with the hope of finding their families and returning Maya's body home. Iris and commander Adewole her partner turn back to K23 to colonize it and give the human race another chance at life.

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This movie displays emotions of loneliness, helplessness, and eventually hope for mankind. Dr. Lofthouse paid the price. He had resented love in his life but achieves his life dream of giving hope to mankind again. Only with his research were they able to discover k23. Also, his resilience made it possible for two crew members to make the hardest decision of going back to start a colony on another planet. Through Iris' eyes, he finally saw K23 as it was, so beautiful. In my opinion, he'd die a fulfilled man.

​Oops, someone already munched their popcorn away. You like this, stick around for even more thrilling content.

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Elizabeth V
20 Feb

I will watch the movie just because George Clooney is in it. He's one of my biggest crushes! Even now... hahaha! I just love his eyes and his teeth!!! LOL!!!

As for the movie, you did an excellent review on Good Morning, Midnight. You have indeed convinced me even more to watch the movie, not just because of George Clooney.


Benazir Ibrahim
21 Feb

Oh my God that makes the two of us. I love George Clooney too....those yes are to die for.

I'm happy I was able to convince you that The midnight Sky is good one. 

Thank you so much.


Elizabeth V
21 Feb

Haha!!! Yes, the Midnight Sky is what I meant to type.  Lol! Thank you and you're welcome. 


HaMid 🇵🇰
21 Feb

Amazing explanation of the movie. This movie is masterpiece. You have done justice to the content explanation of this movie. I am really inspired by this movie outlines you have stated. Amazing review on "The midnight sky". Grabbing my popcorns for the movie Hd Streaming soon on my laptop .


Benazir Ibrahim
21 Feb

And I am sure you are going to have a very wonderful time. This is a great movie. You can watch it with your friends too. Don't worry, if you run out of popcorn, there is always a refill.


Adore Eu
20 Feb

The movie is intriguing. I will like to watch it. You have done justice to explaining it. Hope the popcorn isnt finished?


Benazir Ibrahim
20 Feb

Hehe. The popcorn isn't finished. There's a lot more to go around. I implore you to watch the movie. If you missed it today, we can air it again tomorrow.


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