I know it's what you all have been waiting for. Well, the time is just right for mission 7. All this while we've been rebuilding our city and breathing life back into it. However, we didn't stop to think about maintenance. How is our city going to flourish if we don't take up jobs? How will the tenants pay their rent?

​There has never been a city without commerce. Hence, this mission is for everyone to show that they are capable of making a living.  Aha! I see you connecting the dots now. You've been curious about this flyer in your face every you go round town ehn?

preview not available

Yes, ​I'm here to well come you all,  citizens of uptrennd city to the grand opening of FUNHOUSE.

​So put on your fancy clothes and bring your loved ones with you.​ At the funhouse, there is a lot of thrill. This is the place where your eyes lit up and your spirit comes alive.

You want to have mad, crazy, mild, happy, wild, and ecstatic fun, ​everything you need is right here. Our fun packs include;

3D cinema

The latest ​music​ and dance 

​life band/ karaoke

​paint and sip

​Amusement rides

​Indoor and outdoor games


​pool parties

​and lots more cool reveal.

​Are you an early bird?

​One free fun pack for the first ten people to grace our house. Also, for the first three days, drinks are on the house.

​That's not all. You want to unwind for the weekend, take advantage of our weekend offer.

preview not available

​That's not all, our funhouse can cater for all your events. Birthdays, graduations, showers, etc. We are only one call away.

​keep the card. It's on the house too. Hehehe! We are here for you all day all night. Your laughter is our priority. We make money off of your happiness ☺️.

preview not available

This badge is a property of UU.

All images were made using canva.



Tiger Lily
15 Feb

I need this in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!


I need ALL the fun!

You guys are REALLY IMPRESSING me with the way that you are bringing amazingness to city!!!!!!!!  this is SO CREATIVE and the colors on your banner and cards REALLY bring the fun to life! hahahaha

WONDERFUL job!!!!!


Benazir Ibrahim
16 Feb

Awesome coming from you Ma'am. 💃💃💃💃

I was worried it wouldn't make such an impression but here I am with all the good vibes and support. 

What this does is further boost your morale to do more. Thank you so much.


Adams Toskid
15 Feb

Wow this is lovely and awesome funhouse I really love to attend funhouse so much especially clubbing,  I think you have my favorite drinks at your funhouse 🤔 

don't worry I will be there to patronize you😁 and don't forget to order my transportation  for your costume and events speakers...  😊


Benazir Ibrahim
15 Feb

You are very much welcome to the fun house. I know you are going to have a lot of fun. Just make sure you come early, there's a lot of freebies for you including your favorite drinks. 

Oh, but of course I'm going to patronize your services too. Let's shake on that 🤝.


Kenechukwu Ezeme
15 Feb

Heheh... I can't see myself 🤯🤯🤣

Woww... So, you have already reached this level. I'm very impressed with the choice that you made although it's highly expected of a lady that derives Joy is dishing out tiny tales for our viewing pleasure.

One thing is for sure; the Quality of the satisfactory entertainment that can be enjoyed by spending a minute in your FUN HOUSE cannot be overemphasized.

I would even be more impressed to see you at the stage with a MIC while you dish out some tiny tales for my listening pleasure 😋

Your design looks fabulous ✅


Benazir Ibrahim
15 Feb

Kene kene! 💃💃💃💃

Welcome back. Wait first...before we talk about my post...where in the world have you been? I missed your sweet talk. Lol

I just might be the welcoming host, now that you've mentioned it. It would be such a thrill.

Thank you so much. I am expecting you.


Kenechukwu Ezeme
15 Feb

Hahaha... I have been inevitably Invisble in the places that l used to be very visible and it's all thanks to NYSC 😬😬.

I'm preparing for post-nysc life and it's eating deep into my resilient spirit and my morale 😬🤦.

Lolll... That's scary.

Okay, l hope that there is a haunted house in your FUN HOUSE?

It would be the perfect place to give all customers a grand closure. 


Benazir Ibrahim
15 Feb

Oh, dear. I can understand. We all went through that phase. All I can tell you is to be easy on yourself while you do all you can.

It's not going to happen overnight and that's okay. Embrace everything as it comes.

Funhouse is here for you to unwind, let go, come alive and be happy.


Bright David
15 Feb

And this is it... I finally found it... Funhouse... The place to be... Am so glad its finally opening... Thank God the wait is over... I can now have mad,mild,crazy and ecstatic fun.

Oh...spa is also included... This is totally packed with all kinds of fun.. Where else would I be if not here..... 

Did I just see life band?.... Wawu... Consider me your customer already... An early bird at that... I stick with the funhouse now no going back.

Good to know you also cater for all kind of parties and celebration... 

Beautifully written... Keep it up


Benazir Ibrahim
16 Feb

The wait is so over my dear. This is just the place for you to relax after a hard day's job. Imagine after managing and overseeing all the affairs of your taxi company and you need a breath of fresh air. Uhunn...

Oh, the spa. I personally love that too. You can enjoy any kind of music. Sing along with karaoke if you want even.

If you want to bring that special someone too, we've got you covered. Thank you so much Bright.


Osas Justice
15 Feb


I love having fun and I can't wait to be there! 

This is sure gon' be just more than fun and creativity full. 

Hehehehe... I think I saw 50% off, how cool.

Expect me, my friends and relatives


Benazir Ibrahim
16 Feb

I've already saved a spot for you, your friends and relatives. You aren't going to regret coming here.

I know you love having fun and it is especially for the likes of you. Do not be late.


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