Midas Investments: An alternative way to win passive income for your cryptocurrencies

Hello again! 👋 This time I come to show you an incredible platform to save your cryptoassets by investing them in shared masternodes💰, which grow your investment daily without collateral risks and with the freedom to withdraw all your investment and earnings whenever you want, without exacerbated commissions or extremely difficult steps.

Midas Investments is a web (and Exchange) platform aimed at all those small investors who cannot acquire complete masternodes of the cryptocurrencies listed there: either for the amount of coins necessary to start it, or for the maintenance that this type of technology requires. For example, to officially create (without intermediaries) a masternode of HLS cryptocurrency (Helios) you need 10,000 coins and a VPS to have it online 24/7 and make the most of it. It should be noted that due to the cost of the VPS service, it is often not profitable in the first months and that is why people are not encouraged to use this valuable technology.

This is where Midas comes into play with the shared masternodes. They host one, of each currency compatible with their technology, and give you the ability to be part of it by registering on their platform and doing certain easy steps for small investors to deposit their coins and start making profits from them. right away, feeding the nodes that are there and leveling them up for the benefit of all investors (the more coins the node has, the greater profit it generates for everyone).

In this table, Midas explains the advantages it offers its customers over other technologies

Does it catch your attention? Do you want to try investing a little? Next, I explain, step by step, how to do it.

1. Enter the Midas platform website and register by pressing the button.

2. This will show you two options to do it, through a Google account (Gmail) or your Discord chat account

3. After registering, you will be able to access the platform. Press the "GO TO THE PLATFORM" button and it will send you to the next screen.

4. Once inside the platform, all the currencies that are compatible there will appear. You can buy them there directly with Bitcoin or simply deposit yours in the shared master node by pressing the "INVEST" button

5. In this case, I will test with the HLS (Helios) currency, which has been my main investment asset on this platform 🚀🌙

6. After pressing the "INVEST" button of the selected cryptocurrency, the following screen will open indicating your unique deposit address, where you must transfer your coins so that the shared masternode receives them and puts them to produce (that deposit address will be unique and immutable for you. It means that you can continue depositing your coins there whenever you want to feed your quota more in the masternode).

 7. This is how your platform screen will look when you first generate your wallet address for the currency you intend to deposit. You will receive the details of the shared masternode as soon as you have your first deposit (it is credited almost instantly)

8. You already deposited your coins! High five! Now you can see that the shared masternode starts showing you several things:

  • Current ROI: it is the yield obtained by the shared masternode of the currency in question. In this case (HLS) the yield is 40% per year.

  • Coins owned: The amount of coins you have in the shared masternode. This is including the daily earnings you get. You will see this number grow every day.

  • Balance: the value in FIAT currency (in this case US dollars) of the total of your coins.

  • MN owned (Ownership over the shared masternode): This is the percentage you own over the total of the shared master node. For example, if you have 100,000 coins on a node of 200,000 coins in total, you have 50% ownership of the node. That leads to higher profits for the one with the highest percentage of ownership over that master node.

I do not work for Midas and my opinions are merely illustrative. I am not directly advising to invest. Everything is up to you. Until next time! 🙋‍♂️



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20 Apr

I currently working on Uptrennd with my irony hands and cant consider any other plateform. Anyway thanks for sharing.


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