Messi is staying with Barca.. But..

Just got the news from one of my application in my iPhone that Messi decided to stay in Barcelona.. 

Have i surprised? I guess not.. I wasn’t really convinced at all when i heard that Messi were going to leave.. Lots of us believed in it and were talking about Messi’s Manchester City and Premier League performance.. 

But.. There could be some problem because i really felt that Messi was unhappy when he made that statement few minutes ago.. 

He said that he is going to stay with Barca but he added that he rwally wanted to leave.. I think he got broken with all of those speculations and he got back..

He also added that he loves to win and he will try to win the Champions League again.. I belive this would be too hard for them because after the Bayern shock they are going to send lots of their player away.. 

Also i am curious about Messi-Koeman relationship.. 

Are they going to be fine? 

Will Koeman let Messi play free just like the past 15 years? 

Will Real Madrid let Barca be successful again?

I have lots of questions in my mind and many of them are dangerous for Barca and Messi.. 

Let's wait and see..

Thank you.

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Donkyzhang Nobert
05 Sep

Indeed, I think this is good for barca and the new coach. It's undoubtedly that the services of Messi are still required by the team. Messi is practically the best player. 


Victor Makata
05 Sep

Your questions are really valid and one we must wait and see... but it wasn't good decision for Barca to keep was selfish and hurting to Messi.


Tino Ben
05 Sep

We will only have to wait and see but Messi will be playing less minutes coming season based on my understanding and a analysis. 


Ademujimi Ifedayo
05 Sep

The coach won't dare bench him. Messi performance has not drop a bit, they only need to strengthen the Barcelona squad and put the pressure of him 


Princess .
05 Sep

Yes I am the world's largest player and my favorite player 


Feminist ღ
05 Sep

i didnt know about the football but i can say that 

Messi is the best. 

He wilk do his best in everyteam. 







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