Just incase you didn't remember or somehow it skipped your mind😄, today is Christmas Day!!.

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A day of celebration, rejoicing, sharing and merriment. A day I always look forward too, not only because it signifies the birth of Jesus Christ, but also because it's time to reflect on the year as a whole.

Holidays are meant to be fun, and the time shared with family and friends making memories that will last a lifetime is the best way to enjoy the season. The meals are always special on this day🍲🍛, especially the drinks🍹🥂

While we do that, it's important to note the reason for the season, Jesus Christ is why I have hope and he never fails. So in our Covid-19 regulated celebration mood, let's spare some thought for those who don't have, and share as much as we can, Stay Safe.

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If you are planning any special meal, outing or event, feel free to share in the comment section. I would love to hear them😉

I'll be donating 10 1up to 50 quality comments in celebration of the christmas celebration. 


Uptrennd to the Moon and back then straight to Bethlehem.



Raja 79
25 Dec

Happy Christmas from the core of my heart to all of you.  May this day be a source of peace, contentment, brotherhood, happiness and lots of happiness in all your lives.

May God fulfill your all desires and wishes. Ameen. My all best wishes are with you.


Amal Fatima
25 Dec

This Christmas is different from previous Christmas because of covid 19.

But I wish all my friend marry Christmas, may all their wishes and dreams comes true, 

Marry Christmas with alot of love. 😊😍

Adelan has donated 10 points to Amal Fatima 1 month ago


preview not available Adelan o
25 Dec

Yes, it's a different season, but still we are grateful to be alive and being able to celebrate, Merry Christmas to you too.🤗


ujala noor
26 Dec

I am sorry I am not spamming your post. If you got hurt I am sorry. I just want to realize they are Muslims and they are not using the right words. I didn't say even a single word against your post. I just did my duty. I didn't stop them to celebrate with you. 

I got many downvotes at my post and comments too. I already knew about this. But I didn't care about it.  I think I must give awareness to those who are not aware of this. And I only stopped Muslim to say this. 

I just did what is good. If any Muslims got what I want to tell them,  it means I am succeeded in my mission.

If you are thinking that I am spamming your post, alright I am deleting my comments, but my intention is not to spam your post.

But I didn't want to hurt you, If so I am sorry.



Minha Khan
25 Dec

Happy merry christmas to all of you who are celebrating today 💖.

the day is blessing for my christian friends as the birth of their Jesus christ,

As a musim we do not celebrate and donot have any plans but i wish my christan friends to enjoy their festival ✨.

God bless you all 😊.

@Adelan sir what is your plans for today?


preview not available Adelan o
25 Dec

My plans, are to relax, eats lots of food, dance and spend time with family and friends. 

Adelan has donated 10 points to Minha Khan 1 month ago


Suny Ag
25 Dec

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! Holidays are sure fun and joy and we all celebrate these auspicious days with great joy as well. As you probably know that my country with 25 million people consists of a mixed population from 80 countries so we celebrate all the festivals with great joy here.

Incidentally, we start our day almost 10 hours before your time so, we have done with all that we do on this day and about to begin a party. I wish you a great and happy new beginning and a grand journey to next Christmas.

Adelan has donated 10 points to Suny Ag 1 month ago


preview not available Adelan o
25 Dec

Yes bro, I know a few continents have already started to party😁🥳, we will all combine and flow with the celebrations wherever we are😁🥳. Have a nice day and stay safe.


Suny Ag
25 Dec

So I took an extra glass for you, and said thanks to the one who was serving :)


Faith Patrick
25 Dec

Hello Adelan. It's a beautiful morning over here and the sun rays are already falling on my bed through my window. It's such a wonderful feeling knowing that we've made it to this point of the year.

They say Christ is the reason for the season and thus, we ought to celebrate him. While on earth, Christ did so many remarkable things as he was selfless in nature and if we wish to be like Christ, we ought to be selfless and appreciative of the little things.

I'm glad that even while it doesn't feel like Christmas with the usual harmattan and dust, people still have the opportunity to celebrate. It doesn't matter if you are not wealthy. Just merry with what you have. 

As for me, I'm already eating some sweet rice and peppersoup which I and my mom made in the early hours of the day. And after that I'll be writing a whole lot, drinking juices too(lol) and thinking back to what I've achieved in the past months. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year ahead! Lots of love❤

Adelan has donated 10 points to Faith Patrick 1 month ago


preview not available Adelan o
25 Dec

Seems like you have already kick-started the celebrations. I'll be having rice today too, and swallow later in the day. For the drinks I can't confirm for now😋😁.

Jesus will always be the reason for the season.

Have a beautiful day.


Faith Patrick
25 Dec

Hahaha. African man! Well done. I hope you have enough drinks and stay safe. Thanks for the donation







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