Meet the K-Seekers Team

Knowledge is power, ignorant is never an excuse. One who is knowledgeable is too way ahead of others.

I have got a good teammate, one who is so keen on getting things done right, he believes in doing things right to attain success just like me, he is a man good in strategy, always on point to ensure his ambitions are not swept under the carpet, I present to you my good friend and teammate.... Hold on let me introduce our team first.

We are the K_ seekers, K in this context means knowledge, we are the knowledge seekers, the only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing this is why we keep seeking for knowledge. The importance of being knowledgeable can never be over emphasised.

Why did we choose the name

Knowledge according to online definition is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, skills, or objects. The race is about bringing out the best in us, showing our true strength and capabilities and we know knowledge is needed to make it work that is why we are the knowledge seekers. We need to be fully grounded in other to beat our opponents.

Our logo 

Our logo as you can see displays a lion, it portrays strength aside seeking for knowledge, we are strong and fierce, never back out in face of challenges, in fact before this time I had made this post three times earlier today but it kept deleting on it's own due to my phones manufacturing but I kept trying again and again because we are strong and indefatigable.

Our cheer

Just like the lion seek for prey, we seek for knowledge and strategies. We already know knowledge is important and to achieve anything you need to plan and strategies, this is the reason behind our name and slogan/Cheer

Back to introducing my teammate, I present to you the ever strong @BGold, he is not just my teammate but my good friend, what really  interest me about him is his intelligence and sense of humor, if you have been following his posts you will realize they are always on point, he feeds us with quality, educating and entertaining posts. ​TAKE A LOOK AT THIS POST​​​he wrote about Mother's love, his words are well presented in a manner that entice every reader. He is one of the best when it comes to content creating. 

The k-Seekers are out to give you the best so please stick with us. 

​Logo designed by my teammate @BGold




Raheem Rao
01 Nov

He relaly a good man  and always  take quality  post on that platform  

And your logo  show that your are the king of all team 

My best wishes  are with your team


LadyV Okafor
01 Nov

Thenk you so dear, we really appreciate your good wish


Asher Rasheed
01 Nov

Good to know about your teammate.I would visit his profile and would seek some tips about creating content. 


LadyV Okafor
01 Nov

Yes, you should my dear, he is really a good writer and will be glad to guide you 


Superior Daniel
01 Nov

I was reading the post, and I was like "wow" this guys very ready.. that's the spirit. The race has began, your badge and cheer are fierce and full of courage, I like that☺️. I wish you guys the best


LadyV Okafor
01 Nov

Wow! Am glad you like our batch, now I feel so great.


Chidiebere Christian
01 Nov

You and BGold will from a formidable team and I wish you guys all the best. I like that name "K- Seekers"'s siundiy like Seeker in the movie - Legend of the Seeker.... hehehe.. don't mind me...just joking 😁😁


LadyV Okafor
01 Nov

Lol yes dear we are the seeker from legend of the seeker, sent to protect and defend UU🤪🤪🤪🤪


Ayoola Adegoke
01 Nov

This UU marathon race is getting interesting.

The badge of the team is looking so amazing

Kseeker, I gat your back in this race


LadyV Okafor
01 Nov

Yea it is getting really interesting, thank you for being on our side


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