🔵 MAXIMIZE Your Bitcoin/Crypto Profits This Bull Run - Cash Out Plan [4K HDR]

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*** MAXIMIZE Your Profits This Bitcoin/Crypto This Bull Run - Cash Out Plan ***

The purpose: To own more crypto.  I answer the common question: “Why sell? I just want to hold forever.”

PRELIMINARY STEPS: (Preparation is key. BE READY.)

1.) Set up one or more bank accounts that are crypto friendly. Coinbase can count as one of these, but have one or more others.

2.) Register on exchanges that allow you to withdraw cash to your bank account

3.) Link your bank account to these exchanges.

4.) Have high enough limits approved on your exchanges.


For every liquidation of crypto on my way up the bull market, divide the dollars equally between:

 • 40% into Cash (spread across 3 different bank accounts: 1/3 of this on Schwab, 1/3 of this on Wells Fargo, 1/3 of this on Coinbase (not Banco Popular). Some of this money is to live off of for the next ~4 years, until next bull run peak. Otherwise, this money is to buy back in to crypto during following bear market correction.

 • 20% into Gold (into PaxG. Optionally some of this stored on Celcius network to earn interest; Optionally some of this into physical gold stored in Brinks "allocated storage" (mixed with other people's precious metals for lowest cost) for ability to most QUICKLY sell in the future back into more crypto.

 • 40% into Stablecoins: DAI, USDC. (1/2 of stablecoins cold-stored on Ledger, 1/2 of stablecoins stored on Celcius for interest?)


Buy property or real estate ONLY if it is an amazing deal and only if real estate market is at or very near the bottom. Wait for an actual real estate crash before buying real estate.


PaxG (Pax Gold) - Lowest gold fees. Supposedly a claim on physical gold which is redeemable for physical gold. NO bullion premium. Fees taken during transfer of tokens. Search my YouTube comment history for my conversation with PaxG person answering about how it's possible for their fees to be so low. (The conversation might have been in my Gold vs Bitcoin video series). Store PAXG in Celsius network to earn interest.


Disclaimer: This video is not financial or investment advice. Do not buy, sell or trade cryptocurrency, or make any financial decisions based on the content of this video. I am merely sharing what I have done and what I would do in various situations as an educational tool only.

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user-to-user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.


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