MANTRADAO: The Benefit Therein! (Crypto In Africa)

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has received a storm of hype in crypto space and Africa's understanding of the ecosystem is growing day in, day out. It's no news again that the ethereum gas fee is outrageous as the DeFi system beginning to buckle under delayed transactions and so many other factors. 

Last September 2020, the value of crypto assets locked in DeFi ecosystem break $10 billion as against $6 billion in earlier August and at the moment it's over $11 billion in which Uniswap takes 24.10% of the whole ecosystem. As we progress with the understanding of DeFi, people seek for high yields and flexible interest rate, and this made it a goal to seek for powerful and flexible systems that can handle this, knowing that Africa is facing financial transparency in the entire system of operation particularly in governance and finance sector.

Having a project designed to onramp both beginners (entry-level) and advanced users (High-level) in decentralized finance is a call of MANTRA DAO with a governance-community-based DeFi platform.

What's MANTRA DAO To Users?

First, let's get an understanding of what DAO is. DAO simply refers to Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This is a system of government established to operate by organization members transparently. This system gives the individual control over decisions and enables the whole community to share in the success of the organization, it is more like cooperative! So, for a user, MANTRA DAO has complete decentralized finance for all levels of experience.

In the system of government in Africa, more financial control and value for money audit which will correct the direction of the relationship between revenue allocation to states and real GDP it's important but our central system is corrupt and needs to be decentralized.

Important Facts About MANTRA DAO

MANTRA DAO offers the followings:

  • Self-Governing Organization

  • Multiple Asset Staking & Lending

  • Native Reward System

MANTRA DAO network is powered by OM which is an ERC-20 utility token that can be used for payment, voting, fees, and rewards. It is also a benefit for holders of the token which leads to the staking program of the project.

MANTRA DAO Staking Program

In the staking program of MANTRA DAO, stakers receive OM token as rewards in addition to their staking shares, and been a staker OM token can be used as collateral for loans. When looking at the governance at MANTRA DAO, holders have voting right on interest rates, grant allocations, and future platform implementations. 

As every lending platform in centralized finance deals with credit rating before giving out loans to their customer, MANTRA DAO comes up with a Reputation feature, that focuses on user's Karma. Karma/reputation can be built via the user's contribution to the MANTRA network, staking OM, and voting proposals. Though there is more keynote responsible for building a reputation at MANTRA.

As a user, if you can build higher Karma with MANTRA you receive higher staking rewards, better interest rates on loans, and lower staking fees. So, there is more benefit in building your Karma with MANTRA to the point of receiving more OM than those with little Karma.

Are you thinking of staking with MANTRA DAO?

Check how to get 88.88% APY Here and over 71 million OM token has been staked check details

Airdrop for staker... Bondly & Quick Token of QuickswapDEX which is the Matic layer 2 Uniswap type platform

For More Info

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zainab khan
16 Oct

super easy to use! Really good 88% APR for October. Plus, as you mentioned,  they are doing airdrops of other tokens like $BOND and some others for holders

thanks for sharing


EngrSamest .
16 Oct

You can check out and also be part of this.


Jonathan B
15 Oct

I've been staking OM almost since they launched it. It's super easy to use! Really good 88% APR for October. Plus, as you mentioned,  they are doing airdrops of other tokens like $BOND and some others for holders


EngrSamest .
16 Oct

Awesome testimony and there are more great information coming up, keep supporting and following


Khawaja Riaz
16 Oct

I've been staking OM almost since they launched it. It's super easy to use! Really good 88% APR for October. Plus, as you mentioned, they are doing airdrops of other tokens like $BOND and some others for holders


noman bloch
16 Oct

Okay, this is a great opportunity and great information, I will check it out.. thanks for sharing this with us.


EngrSamest .
16 Oct

You will love it.


Aman Arora
16 Oct

Project seems to be doing well and in the  ews all the tome. I'm still waiting for next big launch and want to see the impact it would have on Defi markets.

As defi is still relatively new and since it is just a start there would be barriers and once investors understands the complete algorithms of staking and farming, then we will possibly see next big rallies as we start to.witness the cashflow from financial markete to defi and project which have performed consistently and Mantra Dao is one of the leading examole.


EngrSamest .
16 Oct

Indeed it is... Checkout the official website to learn more about the project


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