Separated by distance from family and loved ones due to nature of work, as a married man living without his wife and families around, we call that Manchelor. 

Here, you go through all supposed issues of singleness and always comes home after work to an empty space. At times, the pains of missing your wife and children distract your concentration level at work and you'll always look forward to the day of reunion. 

Boredom is your best companion in this too as you always long for the children noise filling your home and the touch of your wife. The bedtime chat and laugh too as no amount of video calls can replace these. 

I must honestly admit it's not easy working away from your family as you are daily exposed to different temptations of side chicks. As a man, there are days you'll long for that special sexual touch from your wife but she's somewhere faraway from you. You simply revert back to living like an unmarried man. 

Are you a married man or woman working away from your family? How best do you cope with being alone/single? What are the things you do to get over the boredom? 

I'm asking for myself as I need all the help I can get. 

Thank you

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Lucky Sylvester
17 Nov

Am still a bachelor, although I don't think I can live far away from where my wife and kids are, instead I will get a new accommodation for them close by, to always be united with them. 


Omoniyi Popoola
17 Nov

Even when you work offshore? Not just away from them but a place they can't come visit


Lucky Sylvester
17 Nov

That would be difficult for me o. Being that far from them and not able to invite them over. 


Atanda Davido
17 Nov

Only those with lovely wives could talk this way, many men are happy to be away from home because of the character of the wife in the house, the man has been set free.


Michael Gimba
17 Nov

It's more than 2 years I haven't set my eyes on my family member the best is to keep in touch with them on daily basis


Omoniyi Popoola
17 Nov

Your wife and children? Two years? Are you married?


Chidiebere Nze
17 Nov

It's a good thing my life is pretty mundane in the grand scheme of things! Short of a few visits here and there,


Ayoola Adegoke
17 Nov

I'm leaving far way form my family

I only see them once in a year 

I've been working out on to be close to them because I can't resist my relationship with them


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