Manage time for your family !!

In this fast era, everyone is in the greed of more money and this is  necessary too. Because in this everything is expensive. And if family have to survive the every member have to earn something otherwise it is so difficult to survive. But in this critical situation, parents should not forget their kids.😢

This is the story of a child whose parents both do a job to run their family system.

 One day when he had a function in his school and parents of each child had to participate in it. He came to his mom and ask 

"Mom can I have your time ? I have to discuss something with you about my school." At that time his mom was ready for her job and she replied "My son ! I am already late enough for my job please go to your father and discuss with him" and she went.

The boy came to his father and ask the same thing to him. His father replied the same that" I have to do a plenty of work can you please discuss with your mom ? "

It made the boy very sad 


And finally the day of function came. He gathered both her mom and father in the morning and ask a question from them.

" How much you both earn in a whole day?" 

They laughed and replied why are you asking this ? 

He said please tell me , then they told him that we both are earning a collection of $50 in a whole day. 

He ran away to his room and brought a box. His parents wondered and when they opened the box the found $50 amount of money in it and ask what is this ?

The boy innocently replied 

"Can I have your previous day ? I will pay you these $50 in return because there is function in my school and parents have to participate."


They both started crying and said sorry to him and hug him ...😢😢😢


We should earn money because it is necessary for life but we should never forget our job as parents too..!!

​Your Lovely Admin!🙂

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Mehwish Baloch
15 Sep

Yes we need to spend time with our family. Its vry good for family relations


shoaib khan
15 Sep

this is really  so good post about  the family  dear we should  need to spend  more time with  our family. 


Praise John
15 Sep

Truth is society have put pressure in us that most times we don't have time fir the ones we live's just a sad story!!

We should endeavor to do our jobs as parents..have time for our kids so we give them a good life and raise them well


Primus Francis
15 Sep

Never allow the society pressure determine the time you have for your family 

Learn to have time for them, no matter what because at the the end 

They are all you have got 


Chidiebere Christian
15 Sep

We as parents should make out time for our family, our kids and have time to attend to their needs. The child really shook them with his $50







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