Man Who Bought BITCOIN AT 86 CENTS Talks about The Future of Blockchain Technology

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1:25 People thought you were mad when you spoke of the asset back in the early days, so how does it feel to have your opinions validated 11 years later? 
3:41 The bitcoin halving is rapidly approaching. Firstly what are your thoughts on bitcoins performance? It dropped back in March, but it’s now outperforming traditional assets, including gold. What is causing the pump? 
5:33 What can we expect post halving? There are thoughts we won’t see the effect until after a few months? 
9:04 Mass adoption is still away, where do you think blockchain technology will be used most when the time comes? 
10:08 Let’s look at altcoins, there’s roughly 6 thousand right now, so which do you think will survive? 
12:10 Are there any interesting blockchain projects and or any altcoins that have caught your attention recently? 
14:07 What are your thoughts on Libra? Will it be able to find its niche when there are already many stable coins including USDT and PAX? 
16:06 We’re also moving into a cashless society. Even right now with the coronavirus, people are using cash less and less to prevent the spread of germs. So talks to me about the pros and cons of this? 
18:39 How will the space look in the next 10 years? 

Karthik Iyer is the ambassador of the P2P-Foundation and runs BlockchainMonk, a DLT / Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) think tank out of Singapore and San Francisco. He was featured in the top FinTech influencers' list and has mentored dozens of Blockchain and FinTech startups in four continents.

He is a serial entrepreneur and founded Asia's first neural network in the matching space and was part of the team that built one of the first tablet devices way back in 2007; he has successfully exited all his ventures to date. He holds close to half a dozen degrees from leading schools in the world like KTH in Sweden, Fudan University in China, among others.

Karthik is regularly featured in Forbes, Economist and leading newspapers in Europe, India and other Asian countries. 

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Hamzah Waris
10 May

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10 May

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Nurettin İnal
10 May

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Tunde Adegboro
10 May

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Sharif Khan
10 May

You are right, this is a very important question, but we have to wait a little and be patient


Eshal khan Legand
10 May

Bitcoin is the biggest teachnalogy of world.

Now it has grow very fast in the whole world.This currencies are much popular in future.👌👌👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯💯❣️❣️💯❣️❣️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 And after all this play very Exilent role in the process of Countries rank.


Ijaz Ahmed
10 May

You're right. Bitcoin is a great token.


Abubakar Usman
10 May

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