Man's whole life is like a movie, if he ever sits down and watches it, it will be very interesting

Dear uptrendianns

Assalam O Alaikum!

I hope you are all well but I just want to apologize to you for one thing here that I was not active here to much 

There were two reasons for this, one was that I was busy with my own exams and the For the last three days I've been having a problem that I can't describe. It's too much hurt for me.anyway let's talk about article

Man's whole life is like a movie 

in which every step is shown and it is also shown how man lives his life.

 He is the hero of his movie.when a person sit down and thinking about himself So his whole  life looks like a movie and he can see how I have lived my life in an interesting way.And it will be interesting if you ever sit down and look at yourself like movie .

When a person can compare the difference between good and bad then the thoughts of his mind grow and he starts thinking and there are some people who lead their life towards success only through thinking and There are some people who fall in love with a single person .

And I have often seen that the difficulties in a person's life always come more when he loves a person If a man succeeds in his love, it is a different matter that he can be happy, but those who fail So some people make fun of their lives and make them feel like they're grinding in a flour mill.

But those people do not know how big the wound is. Well, no matter how big the wound is, it heals one day. 

No matter how big the wound is, it takes time to heal. 

Some sacrifices have to be made by human beings. We must. Forget to some people who close to our heart  . Nothing happens at the same time. We cannot forget any human being forever.

And in our society, there are a lot of people who make a person realize his weaknesses over and over again.Which is very wrong. If we keep reminding a person of his weaknesses over and over again, that person can become mentally ill.

We cannot control human life, nor can we change anything. No one can change reality. No one can change nature 

When a feeling of love arises in a person's heart, we cannot cope with that feeling, nor can that person control it with his own feeling . 

Thank you very much for reading. May Allah keep you happy forever ameen 😔🤲

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Syeda Ayesha
29 Nov

you are right dear, @Saqib Ajmal

man's whole life is just like movie that has happy and sad part, we get emotional during sad moments and become happy in happy moments.

if we observe it for a moment it would be very intersting infact.


Fatimah Yetunde
29 Nov

Well I can see you are not active online so welcome back and hope you have solve the problems and you are right man's whole life is like a movie there are sometime you will sit yourself down and ask that is it you that you have gone through all this or are you the one that all this happens to most especially when one has a break of heart it really not easy to forget or leave the heart and when such feelings arise it can't be control or cope with that is why if the person you love, love you back we should be thankful for that


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
29 Nov

Inshallah thank you so much ❤️


Fatimah Yetunde
29 Nov

Welcome back and good to have you back thanks for sharing


RinNy Mboro
29 Nov

Life is amazing just that we don't get to sit and analyze this

When one sits and analyze life he will come to know how interesting life is and that's the way natural made it as no one can control or change the happenings of life

But in all this one thing is that if a man feels love,that feeling can't be change

Good to have you back because i notice you haven't been around since anouncing your contest


Minha Khan
29 Nov

Yeah I see you are not so active in these day,because always waiting for some motivation and encouragement from your side.happy to see you again here.

Ups and down are the parts of our life,but lnshAllah bad days pass quickly and good days will come.

our life is like a animation that start with some negative thoughts but always end at some positive thoughts,feeling and emotions.

Bruh I must saying you just believe on Allah Almighty he will do something good for you.never lose hope.  


Qamar Rasheed
29 Nov

Man spends his whole life in a race, sometimes for money and sometimes for honor.  So no just for the honor.  Different events in life sometimes go silent and go on, sometimes he fights with great courage.


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
29 Nov

There are so many ways to live and so many of our weaknesses that we run for them 


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