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Malware is Getting Worse

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Elena Demou 4 months ago

Its getting stronger and attaching more things... just crazy...

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

It it computes, it can be hacked.

Osato Jegede 4 months ago

Victory is certain, the more hacker's develop new skills to ulter the existing status quo, the more the systems are consolidating for better performance. Though, there sure going to be victims who will get their hands burned, but I for saw victory.

Alidervash Mirani 4 months ago

very use full Post and that is true need to protect our self thank you

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

We all must understand that the bad guys are getting better every day!

Luke Brenland 4 months ago

So how do you avoid connecting to something like this Matthew?

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

Simply put, 1. Don't be an easy target and 2. Protect your valuables

Follow good security practices like have anti-malware, firewalls, and spam filters.  Use strong and unique passwords (no sharing across sites).  Don't CLICK on any link or attachment sent via email or text!  Don't install untrustworthy software or go to websites with insecure reputations.  Don't share too much personal information and don't be lured into social engineering scams.  Keep your system updated/patched.  Only do business online with reputable parties.

Jansen Mod 4 months ago

Targetting crypto exchanges, another reason to not keep your crypto there.
The more success the hackers get, the more motivated they will be to continue. So make your own crypto fortres! Cyberhacker is going to be a desired job when we practically offer it on a plate for them.   

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

It is a great point.  Storing your coins in an exchange is transferring the risk to them.  If they screw up, it could be your loss!  (although this might change with regulations eventually)

The safest place for your cryptocurrency is in a wallet where only you know the private key.

Jansen Mod 4 months ago

>> although this might change with regulations eventually

Think/hope this will happen even before the regulations. Its risky to keep your coins on an exchange (if they dont run away with it, the hackers might), but I am not sure how ready the 'mass population' is to be in charge of their own keys.The forums and Telegram channels are full with users forgetting where they kept their 12/24 phrase keys, dont know anymore how to get in GoogleAuthenticator/Authy, lost their paper keys (or spilled coffee/tea on it), lost their Trezor/Ledger Nano, made a mistake in writing down the private keys, etc. And some... threw away the paper because they thought was only a one time thing to set it up, after which only login & password 2FA would do the job.

I think we are close to financial institution that would offer custody with insurance, there is a big market & potential for it. I know originally crypto is meant to be in charge yourself, but having both options I would think is the only way forward.


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