When Jesus Christ was teaching his disciples how to pray he taught them what is popularly known among Christians today as the LORD’S PRAYER. This prayer was short and straight to the point.

Also, when Prophet Elijah was confronted by the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel, he prayed just a simple prayer as could be found in 1 Kings 18:36-38.

In a nutshell, these prayers both lasted for nothing more than say, 28 to 30 seconds each and yet achieved great results and everlasting impacts on mankind.

The essence of all this is that prayer is not really about how lengthy a prayer is but how well constructed according to God’s purpose in our lives. And of course the Bible makes us to understand that it is the effectual prayer of the righteous that avails much because God says in His words that the prayer of the ungodly is an abomination to Him.

So, simply put, it is our sins that constitute a hindrance to our prayers, just like a pure and contrite heart is what God demands of us and not necessarily a lengthy or a loud a and noisy prayer sessions - with all the gymnastics added to it with sweating and the rest.

I pray to God this cool Sunday - that you all will have a wonderful week ahead, and that UpTrennd and 1UP with our collective hard work and determination will soon spring up to the moon. Amen!

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Ayoola Adegoke
18 Apr

1Up will still rise up. We should just keep working hard. Some of us has lost interest. But we mueeeve


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
18 Apr

An effective prayer must be from the heart and should also be backed by the word of God 


Viktor Frankie
18 Apr

I've always believed that prayer is not about spending 10hrs or more on it. God is always there by our side and he listen to us even more than we do to ourselves.

 We just need to keep his rules and commandment, by then, a 5sec prayers can move mountains. 


Syed Faizan
18 Apr

I pray to Allah that thi pandemic will end soon and also take care of us all in such conditions.🙏

Allah listen us in every condition and in every way we pray to him but some ways are those that He love and like more


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
18 Apr

If we pray, we must adopt a Christian attitude and try as much as possible to distance ourselves from sin, so that God hears us.


Morgan Nwanguma
20 Apr

You just said as it is bro. Many thanks.







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