Make your own super macro mobil phone lens.

Hi friends how are you, hope you are having good time on uptrennd..I was searching for a mobile macro lens and got an idea to make lens at home. Luckily I found required materials at home. I assembled the materials and mounted it on my cell phone and the results were amazing. You can also make it. You need a magnifying lens from an old dvd player.

preview not available

Mount it on a plastic piece with the help of elfy.

preview not available

preview not available

Now adjust and mount it on your cell phone with tape.

preview not available

And here are the results...

preview not available

It is paper of copy.

preview not available

These are new born insects, these were hardly quarter mm long..on a leaf.

preview not available

Common house fly with amazing details..

preview not available

Old nail..

preview not available

A hard board..

preview not available

preview not available

preview not available

Color pencils..

preview not available


preview not available

Our arm skin and hair..

Hope you will like it..

preview not available



preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
28 Feb

You have achieved an excellent technique to photograph very small things, the result is unique, I congratulate your intelligence, I am surprised how thick the hair can be seen.


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
28 Feb

This is highly creative of you! . The lens brought out the best of your photography. 

Great job man!! 


Lubna Rao
28 Feb

I'm astonish to see this Awosome picture. Firstly I don't believe that it is capture by Mobile but when I see lens behind the phone then I surprised to see.. Can you please give me details about the lens. I appreciate your photography and thinking. 🤔 

Hope for the best...! Nice entry. 


Akhter Malik
01 Mar

Sure, you can get this lense from a tv machanic or from a computer technician shop. It is found in dvd roam or cd roam.


Ayesha Malik
28 Feb

This is unbelievable for me/

I was thinking of this as complex science;

But with a smart mind, you are on the way to capture the even minute beauty of nature especially animal photography seems more fantastic 👏🏻👌🏻

Superb job sir.


Akhter Malik
28 Feb

Thank you very much Ayesha beta..

I was also amazed with the sharpness, colors and depth of field of this ordinary lense..

I enjoyed a lot to make it..😊😊🌹🌹🌹


M.A Khan
28 Feb

@Akhter M your pictures are showing creativity. Your shots are really amazing. Kee it up and keep sharing beauty of your shots. 







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