​Assalam o Alaikum

​How are you all i hope you all are well .

​Beautiful eyesight is the dream of every girl. Many girls like makeup and some girls do not like makeup at all. 

​Girls make themselves so beautiful by making makeup, it is also difficult to identify them, I can do the same who knows more about makeup.Girls look beautiful princess due to makeup  .

​People who know how to do make-up, they do make-up according to the season. To go to the wedding, do make-up according to the wedding. To go to the party, do make-up according to the party. Makeup is a big fan .

​I've seen too many girls who don't know anything about makeup and when she doesn't do it in fashion, which makes her look so weird .

​Girls need to do makeup according to fashion .Makeup makes them very beautiful .Every girl dreams of looking beautiful .



Muhammad Faizan
09 Jul

Makeup !!

The way in which something is put together or arranged. the physical, mental, and moral character of a person. substances (such as lipstick or powder) used to make someone's face look more attractive.


Malik USama
09 Jul

Wa Alaikum Assalam Dear !

Yeah Exactly makeup makes girls beautyful.

Thats true that it is difficult to identify them after makeup Dear !


Marva Noureen
09 Jul

You are absolutely right ۔It is difficult to identify them after makeup. 


Sana ullah khan
09 Jul

Well don't girls look good without makeup hhhh.

There are two benefits of make-up, a person becomes beautiful and secondly it provides skin protection. How we add flax to the person, we protect it from sun rays.


Faith Vinsent
09 Jul

This lady is beautiful natural and with Make up she looks too beautiful and adorable.  Make up is another talent and handwork. God bless all the make up artist.


Marva Noureen
09 Jul

Yes, you are absolutely right, you make girls look so beautiful with makeup 


Sultan Baloch
09 Jul

Wa alaikum salam dear. 

Yeah dear every girl dream of looking so beautiful that's why she makeup.

After makeup........ i can't explain further 😅😅😅😂😂

I just love simplicity ❤


Marva Noureen
09 Jul

Wow that's great you love simplicity ۔But makeup is very important for girls 


Sultan Baloch
10 Jul

Thanks dear. 

Yeah dear i know you're right. 


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