Make Sure Your Bricks Build A Strong Foundation

They are the best remedy for shiny object syndrome.

So many people long to get into a business of some sort. They hunt around for that perfect method. The make money fast solution. If they took the time spent hunting for the make money fast solution and put it into actually building a business. They likely would be making money by now.

Businesses are built, one brick at a time. Not all bricks are what goes into buildings. Every concrete step you take to put the pieces into place to start and run a business, is placing a brick. It’s building a foundation. You might need to modify a brick or even change it, but the bricks need to be there.

It’s so easy to get caught up with shiny objects. Promises of fast returns on little effort. That’s all they are, promises. The methods themselves, they can actually provide a business base most of the time. Just not one that is going to happen fast. You still need to make choices and start building the bricks to create the foundation. Every brick needs to add to the value and operation of the business.

A foundation is going to take time and effort. With enough time and effort, some businesses will reach a point they will generate passive income. If you built it with that plan in mind and the bricks needed to make it work.

Late last year, I finally took steps to start building a publishing business I’d been considering for sometime. See, thinking about it, is not creating bricks. Taking steps to actually create and put some product out the door, that’s laying bricks.

My next bricks, they always have to answer the question: How does this brick add to supporting putting products out the door and promoting those products? If I can’t answer the question clearly with a clear path of actions, the brick needs to get pounded to sand.

Now, my mission is to focus on the long game. To not judge if the business is winning in the short term. It is a business that will build over the long term and needs many more bricks in place to be sure of a firm foundation.

How about you?
Are you making bricks and adding them to a strong foundation?
Or are you chasing shiny objects to find that easy business?

 Shadowspub is a writer from Ontario, Canada. She writes on a variety of subjects as she pursues her passion for learning. She also writes on other platforms.

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siddharth haribhai
16 Feb

I like the way you are thinking as not many people embrace these ideas. It's all down to perseverance and hard work


Shadows Pub

Thank you. Anyone who really wants to build a business or anything really has to embrace the ideas. That is why so many fail, they miss the core point.


preview not available Busola Akinlolu Awosika
16 Feb

Productivity that it peak is all i see here, no point wasting time, spend time into creating an avenue to measure your successes rather than dwelling on what didn't work. Going into a business comes with focus and optimism.


Shadows Pub

Absolutely ... Wasting time can be helpful for creativity but once the creative ideas have come, then it is time to execute and produce the product. 


Esmee Smith
16 Feb

I suffer from shiny object syndrome too. I have suffered in many ways on social media until I started executing on my own and pushed myself to explore. Sometimes instead of too much consumption of content we have to keep making more and get people the help they need too that could be our way of finding our own self. 


Shadows Pub

When you help others, the returns will come, eventually. It's easy to get caught up in shiny object syndrome. I've found that stopping myself when I start to get intrigued and asking myself if what is intriguing me will directly help what I'm trying to build. If it can and in a direct way, I read on. If not, to the curb it goes and I move on.


Safari Bangz
16 Feb

What use is a beautiful building without a strong foundation?  Take your time and build that business!! 


Shadows Pub

Being willing to take the time is the first step .. then build the bricks and do them well.


Tiger Lily
16 Feb

I watched your diligence in all the projects that you've been involved in and admired how you have SUCH endurance - no matter what!

You are the queen of brick building hehehee


Shadows Pub

Don't know about queen of it but I've learned that we don't get away with not making bricks of we want to build something that lasts. You create some strong ones yourself.







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