Main Practical ideas for charity Helping the Poor

Do you think that helping the poor and needy is a difficult thing that only large humanitarian organizations can afford? On the contrary, a person can - with his individual effort - change the reality of many poor people. In order to prove this to you,i offer you 10 simple ways to help the poor and needy people in the world, and you can even do many of them without having to leave your home.

1. donation

It is a donation of the easiest and most common to help the poor and needy . You can donate money, food, clothes, toys, old furniture, and books and hand them over to approved charitable or humanitarian organizations known for their continuous assistance to the needy. You can contact these associations over the phone or through their representatives.

With the spread of modern communication methods, many organizations have developed applications to facilitate receiving the aid of benefactors, whether by donating money directly through the application or the charitable organization sends a representative if the donation is in kind.

2. Allocating part of the monthly income to help the poor:

Do you work full time or part time? Are you still a student and get your money from your parents? no problem.

Dedicate a small amount of your income and then donate it to a charitable organization in your area to allocate it to caring for the poor or sponsoring an orphan. You can make your donation happen periodically , and you won't need someone to remind you. 

3. Paying your zakat for projects that benefit the poor:

Your commitment to pay the minimum required for your zakat is purification and growth for your money, and it also contributes to relieving the distress of many poor people.the prophet (peace be upon him), said to Hazrat Muadh(RA) when he sent him to Yemen: (Inform them that God presupposed on them in their money alms that would be taken from their rich and returned to their poor).

4. A family charity project

What do you think if you tried to agree with your family members to help the poor by undertaking a charitable project? For example, if it is a monthly charity project to build a house, sponsor a poor family, or donate to the mosque. Discuss the idea of setting aside a home box to put money in periodically or monthly. This can be an effective solution to training your children in charity to help the poor.

5. Participation in volunteer work:

You may be of the type who prefers to help the poor by participating in volunteer work . You can join a volunteer group or keep abreast of the volunteering campaigns organized by charities for the purpose of combating poverty, providing education or treatment, or launching development projects to help the poor. You can find a lot of volunteer opportunities online.

6. Helping the poor by giving them psychological and moral support:

In many cases, it may not be possible for you to donate or volunteer to help the poor due to lack of money, time, or any other reason.

If you are not able to do that, you can help him psychologically, show a measure of concern for his cause, be humble to him and feel his suffering, and try to raise his spirits, as if God calls on him to change his condition for the better. Certainly, any feeling and expressions that come out of the heart will be felt.

7. Visiting a poor family to inspect their conditions:

For example, with a group of your friends, you decide to visit poor families in your city or in one of the regions in poor countries. Even if you don’t bring food or money to donate, it would be a good idea to contact these families and ask about their living conditions. Make sure you lift a lot of her spirits.

8. Educating the poor and helping you acquire skills:

Many of us know the famous saying “Do not give me a fish, but teach me how to fish.” Many poor and needy people need education and the acquisition of skills they can use to improve their lives and the lives of their families. Learning and acquiring skills is the beginning of improving the life of a poor person and making him a self-sufficient and successful person. You may have one of the skills of launching small projects in any craft, such as sewing, plumbing, farming, cooking or selling. A simple skill can change these people’s lives for the better.

And make sure that the education is free, as they cannot afford the costs of training and education.

9. Helping the poor by spreading awareness:

You may be a journalist, writer, or even a simple citizen concerned with issues related to the poor. You can use your information to raise awareness in your surroundings, whether through social media sites or other means, such as writing an article for a journalist or publishing an article in your blog or communicating with journalists in your area. Offer them to do journalistic or broadcast work about the difficult reality that the poor live in, or even to speak to those around you, such as your family members, friends or even your colleagues at work. And you are keen to encourage them to donate or volunteer, and to provide them, share and provide them with contact information for charitable and humanitarian organizations active in your area.

10. Through social networking sites:

You can also spread awareness about helping the poor through social media, which in recent years has become one of the most used, easiest and fastest ways to help the poor and needy. Through your use of sites such as Uptrennd, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, you can reach thousands of people to spread awareness about humanitarian issues or support and mobilize support for relief campaigns and humanitarian projects in a short period of time. 

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Lubna Kokab
18 Apr

Helping poor and needy is a great virtue. Even smiling someone is also a charity and it counts in our good deeds. One of the good thing to help poor and needy is Zakat, donation is also better because donation of one rupee is a charity, and that one gives us billion trillion rewards in this world and the next world. Always help poor and needy according to your status. Its responsibility of every human being who can afford and can support needy.


Zeehsan Ashraf
18 Apr

Wow, we need that kind of spirit to do. It's a good deed to help someone. We should spread this awareness around the globe and should apply on out self as well so that we can help the poor. We should pay in charity so that needer can get their rewards.


Syed Faizan
18 Apr

Helping the poor is very good dead. It is said that prayer cannot take you that place which Helping the poor can take you.


Jeremiah Akpabio
18 Apr

Any man with a good heart and the love for humanity can help both the poor and the needy. I appreciate all your methods in which one can help the poor even when he's staying at home. Your last method that is spreading information or creating awareness about helping the poor in social media is amazing. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information.


Maria Amjad Ali
18 Apr

Neighbors have the first right on us.. Then close relations and then the needy people who are unknown to us... Charity is the only way from which we can help to others... If we do this...we will have much more in reward from God. 


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