It's only love❤️ , 

that will break our hearts, 

it stops us from being founder, 

in all our ways of success,

for rich, for poor it's what we swear when getting in it.

It comes at a time

when the swear becomes a sway

our founder heart starts to beat slow

I still wonder how to energize my bravery 

in all the stagnation the swear is facing

Oh I'm tired! 

we start to cry bitterly

in disbelief and dispear

not getting any of what we expected

packing and leaving is our measure 

We decide to take a break of minutes 

Days have not passed on since you left

polishing and forgetting what we had been wronged of 

from there we start singing

yes singing the song of our love.

"I need you back,

you are the only one who, 

brought me down to take you up,

let it not be just a waste of time, 

but I love you.

All I know, love doesn't die,

in pretendence we go saying no coming back,

but deep down the love runs,

all we go from is fear,

not to cry much again."

But let me say

No words are to describe your pain

It can't be understood by people

not unless that the experienced hears your voice.

Rub some feet with your tranquil heart

not to make it forlorn 

That juncture was a life experience 

not a prisoner of your future. 

Seek to be the empress.

for you to have the name majesty

for the owner of your life is you.

Change a life this year,

Make yours prosperous also.

Plan and make it prosperous

Land in your life's success this year.

Let no one dictate over your life this year.

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Espandor .
03 Jan

Great words of advice. It's a new year and no matter how the past ones may have hurt us, it's a fresh start so we need to rebuild from here. 


Paul Thompson
03 Jan

This is encouraging... Let start our daily races with love... Love supercede every failure in love.


Raheem Rao
03 Jan

Yes never think which is your past because it has passed away. 

Now live in present beacsue you have an opportunity to grow up in a good way 


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