Love yourself but not hate others

Ever felt like that no one loves you the way like you love others?The efforts you put for others as much more than the efforts they put for you? Most probably the answer will yes for most of us and it's completely normal because as humans we all need some validation that we are special and valuable but remember that "it's only you who can give yourself the love you deserve" it's might sound philosophical or unrealistic but that's what we need to learn.... You should do whatever you want to do for others but never forget yourself while doing so.....

Never wait for others to make you feel special... It might be hard but you will learn eventually..... ​

Start it from now, gift yourself the things that you always wanted to be gifted by others, order your favourite food that that you wanted to enjoy with your friends, plan that get together that you wanted to be planned by your friends for you, celebrate your special days you wanted them to be... Make yourself happy while not forgetting others.....

Love yourself while not hate others, never act like you are superior to others just because you do something for them.... Enjoy has their own priorities and we have to accept them like this.

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Abubakar Usman
10 Mar

Depend only yourself not others and love yourself but don't hate others. Is a nice post dear keep it up and stay safe.


Mushtaq AHMED
10 Mar

You may have noticed that people who love themselves love others as well.

But people who are disgusted with themselves cannot be expected to love people.

We must love ourselves, but we should care for other human beings more than ourselves. 🌟

Nice and heart touching post. 🤩😍


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
10 Mar

Of course, I believe that when a person loves himself and tries to achieve something, then other people have a hand behind it. Because I believe that a single person can do nothing we should love other people and eliminate hatred as much as he has in his heart because hatred eats man like termites.


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
10 Mar

Some people love themselves but at the same time thinks people are not worthy of love and then they take themselves as the superior ones while let others down. Thats not true self love. In self love, you always value yourself but value others too. You keep their respect intact and never let them down. This is what a true self lover looks like. Always love yourself but never hate on others just because you think you are doing better.


10 Mar

Your post is a lesson for those who don't care about other people who hate them.If people treat us badly, we should treat them well.

If we start doing what people do to us, then there will be no difference between us.There are some people in life who hurt us so much that we become heartbroken and hate them heartily.These are pains that we can't stand and we start hating people.

Reading your post has made it clear that we should not hate anyone, we should love yourself, we should take care of others.

If any new person comes into our life, we should love and welcome him

Thanks dear Amal Fatima For sharing beautiful words.


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