Love yourself and treat yourself as you would treat your very best friend. You deserve the same love you give to others.

When a person begins to love himself, life seems very beautiful to him, but when there are ups and downs in his life, we begins to consider our life as a burden, then We start to hate ourself too.

 Because there are so many such events in our life, if we repeat these events, we also give up the hope of living. It is not like that. Life certainly hurts us.

 You have often seen a friend in our life who cares a lot about us and we guide him and say that this path is wrong. We try to explain to him that life is beautiful. ۔

 The way we guide other human beings. Have we ever sat down and thought that if we realize ourselves that life is very beautiful. And we should be happy with ourselves. We believe that there are difficulties in our life. That we have to face a lot of suffering.

 Believe that there are difficulties in life. Believe that it brings us to a point in life where we get frustrated, where people hurt us, where we are humiliated. Life goes on.

 Believe that life is difficult but not impossible. If you have problems in your life, So you need to find the happiness that is necessary for you. Nothing is impossible in life. You ​work hard and achieve your happiness but it is achieved when you learn to be happy with yourself. 

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Amal Fatima
10 Mar

Life is journey of ups and down. 

We face certain hurdles, people break us and we don't want to enjoy life but life goes on....... 

Life is made up of these moments  but it is our responsibility to find happiness.. 

Learn to live a happy life. 🙂


10 Mar

Sir, you have given a good post. When a person learns to love himself, he also loves others. Most people are deceived in love and then they turn away from life. We should live our lives happily.

My personal view of the heart is that it is so easy to deal with that it is difficult to put it into practice. The most important thing is that you think you are worthy of being loved. In time, you will find someone else. We can find someone else to love but life is not found again. This life is so beautiful. We should live our lives happily.


Merit Ahama
10 Mar

You are right when you say we should believe that life comes with its problems and difficulties. 

No matter what we do, we must surely face hard times but staying strong is what we preach about. 

We just have to learn to love ourselves and take life as it comes, be strong and stay happy. 

Thanks for this encouragement sir, I appreciate. 


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
10 Mar

Of course, when we learn to be happy with ourselves, then life seems much more beautiful to us


Raja 79
10 Mar

Yes brother Saqib you said very well.

It's easy to love others, but it's hard to love yourself. At least, that's what we think. Only when you accept yourself as you are (as you are) and learn to cherish your essence, then will you be able to find peace of mind.

When you learn to love yourself, you can love others more. However, you should know that loving yourself does not mean pursuing your career or pursuing your goals.


Amjad Ali Waince
10 Mar

We should be best friend of ourselves. It is good to care , value and respect . We should motivate ourself to do the best. This motivation helps us to over come our challenges and difficulties.


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