Love you Sarfraz Ahmed❤❤

 Speaking of the 2015 World Cup, the nation that raised the sky to feed Sarfraz, feed Sarfraz, feed Sarfraz, Sarfraz will give new sorrow.

 Then he fed Sarfraz and Sarfraz took Pakistan to the quarter finals with his brilliant batting

 Then Sarfraz became the captain and made Pakistan the winner of the Champions Trophy by defeating the traditional rival India.

 Under the leadership of Sarfraz Ahmed, Pakistan team did not lose any series in T20 for 2 years

 He set a world record of 11 consecutive T20 series victories

 No doubt Sarfraz is a good batsman as well as a good new captain whenever he played well at the top numbers.

 Good times and bad times come to every human being but no doubt our cricket is incomplete without the name of the new Sarfraz

 But alas, this Pakistani nation is very selfish and soon forgets someone's services

 Love you Sarfraz Ahmed❤❤



03 Mar

Sarfraz disheart in the picture, player never disheart try to do best performance  and should be creat the consistency.


Lucky Rao
03 Mar

He is great player yesterday batting showing his grace and also a very Good captain too Who can lead the team to a winning stage I love him so much he should not care what the people says about just focus his personal performance 


Zara Malik
03 Mar

It's true that ups and downs are part of life but on the other hand society is also unpredictable and we people only recognise the value of a person when he is giving benefit to us.I must agree to say it selfishness but it's in ours society blood.No doubt sarfraz is love and without him cricket of Pakistan is incomplete 💜💜


Muhammad Iqbal
03 Mar

No doubt he is good player as he played recently two good innings in PSL. He have won many series but sometimes he shouts at other players and by this he discourage them.







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