Love story ~ part 2

🌹Asalam o alaikum🌹 

🌹Greetings to all of you hope you are doing good🌹....

Here i come with 2nd part of love story ...

If you haven't read 1st part here us the link kindly go and check to know about whole concept and story...


The day of marriage came Sara was feeling so much worried and emotional  her heart was beating very fast she was thinking am i doing right or wrong...

ZAID came on his bike to receive her bride to be Sara left her home and sat on his bike ... 

 Bike started ...

preview not available

👉"Stop Zaid" Sara shouted very loudly ....

"Just think for a while are we doing right is this the way to get married do you think we'll be happy by leaving and hurting our parents"

👉Zain hold her hand started crying and said..

preview not available

" you know i love you alot and i can't imagine my life without you i have seen dreams with you i have made promise with you how can i leave you tell me will you be happy after leaving me and marrying another guy whom you don't love"

SARA was holding her family photo shows to him and said how can we be so selfish that we forget our parent's efforts their sacrifices and the love they gave us from childhood till now they never put any restriction on us ... i believe Allah helps those who have faith in their love who's love is true so from now i have leave my decisions over Allah whatever he will do i will accept it and you'll have to accept that too i believe our families will agree and they will allow us to get married"...

And then they Both went to their homes and decided not to meet eachother until their familes agree...

preview not available

👉To be continue...

👉Wait for the last part...



Pireh Malik
03 Jan

Intresting part this is reality of our society it happens in most cases people sacrifice their feelings and love for the sake of parents and family's respect they both have taken right decision because marriage without parent's presence and prays will never be successful 

I am eagerly waiting for last part.


Atanda Davido
03 Jan

Both of them are so much in love and they are already working in agreement already, as the tradition entails the parent consent must be seek, I hope their parent are also on the same page with them, looking forward to the next episode


Maryam J
03 Jan

Aaaww very emotional part she is really an amazing girl who is sacrificing her love for family and their happiness poor couple i feel sad for them i really hope they will meet..

Waiting for next...


Minha Khan
03 Jan

I just read the first part of story and now second part!

This love story seems look interested💖.

they both love each others but girls also have some restrictions,she dont against her family as she can not be happy after hurting her family so she take her decision to back home.and may be Allah Almighty give her reward for this she care her parents respect and decisions.i hope their families accept their relationship soon.

anxiously waiting for the next part!


Abdul Aziz
03 Jan

I didn't read the first part of the story but the story is very interesting. Sara is sacrificing her love on parents. And because of this sacrifice, he will also get his love. It's my guess


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