Love story ~ ending last part💝

🌹Asalam o alaikum uptrennd family

I hope you are doing good🌹

💝Thanks to everyone who loved my story many of you were waiting for final post so here i am with a beautiful meaningful end of love story i hope you'll enjoy it...

If you missed 1st and 2nd part go and read them here are links...



🍃After few days Sara's mother told her that we have fixed your marriage with Zaid the person you love ... 

For few seconds the girl was in shock and couldn't believe her ears how did this happen what a miracle she hugged her mom and started crying like a crazy person...

preview not available

Her mother told her whole story that zaid has recorded whole conversation they did on bike and after listening to those words parents felt proud of her daughter those words melted hearts of parents and they decided to give her that happiness which she was waiting for many years...

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💝🌹Zaid and Sara become husband wife whole family was happy with them and gave them lot's of good wishes for future ..

This was the day they both waited for and they got their wish come true💖🌸 

preview not available

👉Reason of sharing this story is that i have seen many girls and boys who left their parents and choose those whom they want to marry without thinking about their parent's love and sacrifices they become selfish and that marriage never become successful 👈...

Moral: if you really love someone and you believe your love is true then have faith in it Allah will give you that thing you must wait for right time put your parents on first priority✨💖

​i hope you guys enjoyed the story and learn a lesson from this...



Hina G
05 Jan

Very nice i really enjoy the beautiful story and yes you are right we all need to give our first priority to our beloved parents.


Mr.Oxman Oxi
05 Jan

Yes, I have enjoyed a lot, it is love stories and Sara is married and her dream is complete, I am very happy The end of such a story is very good and I like it very much the end of story


Alizay Fatima
05 Jan

You are right. Our Parents will never think bad for us. The one we love is right for us, so they will choose it for us.Because they know this world better than we , we must never leave our parents for our love 

Wonderful story 👌


Tayyab Ali
05 Jan

If you depend on Allah on your every affair, you will receive the great reward in return..

Allah Has better plan for you. If you believe that Allah is with you in every affair, Allah will listen to you...


Muhammad Arslan
05 Jan

Salaam to all here.

As expected they met but credit to boy for recording. Good way to match up the both.liked the moral too. Thanks for sharing. Rise and shine.


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